Monday, January 23, 2012


On a lighter note---I fell while running last Monday. My hand and knees are still sore---and a LOVELY shade of yellow. Take a walk around the sidewalks in Ruston---REALLY POOR SHAPE! The good thing about the traffic mess downtown is that the sidewalks are being repaired. HOORAY!

I cannot tell you how many times one of the runners have fallen while taversing these dangerous walks. We run in the early AM dark---you can't see even with the streetlights and the walks have multiple levels--breaks---pits---cracks--a recipe for disaster---AND disaster struck!

I thought I had broken my wrist--first --then later--I noticed the huge knot on my shoulder and knees. I must have REALLY hard bones---as evidenced by the really hard head I have.

SO Grace Ann fell---left part of my epidermis on that walk--I may put up a marker---HERE LIES PARTS OF LORA--RIP!


SND said...

Yes, your running buddy that has most of the falls in our group, fell Wednesday in front of the civic center with three cars stopped at the red light. . I rolled and got up quickly and pretended to be fine and they drove off. Then I wanted to cry as I skinned my knee up pretty good. Thank goodness I had on gloves as my hands would have really been cut up. So glad that you are as tough also. Don't want to keep that award every year!! Big Mama

Hannah Lee said...

I am sure you handled it gracefully. It unfortunately comes with the sport and so does the getting up part. But, just like the saying goes, you ALWAYS get back back up and dust yourself off. So true for all things in life. You are an incredible woman!