Saturday, November 5, 2011


I am sick and tired of all these decisions I am having to make!!! Ok---so I am mowing my own yard----and I do not want to hear how easy that most be with only 1/3 of an acre----I am using an old fashioned---you propel it yourself lawnmower. NOW ---I like to be independent--I have a nice young man that will come mow my yard and edge for me---BUT he uses a BIG-HEAVY mower---which I don't like the way it makes my yard look---SO I MOW!

Today I decided that I would go shopping for a self-propelled mower---WHOOPEEE---it provides the energy! So I pull into the Honda store---NOW I should have KNOWN I was in for trouble when I looked around and EVERY vehicle in the parking lot was either carrying a 4 wheeler in the back or camouflagued-----DEAD GIVE AWAY I AM OUT OF MY ELEMENT!

So LONG time friend and owner John greets me at the door---after he tells me all about his wife's health issues and thoroughly depresses me about our bodies all falling apart as we get older and you are NEVER going to get over this--He hands me off to a nice young sales--NO health complaints--THANKFULLY

I tell him what I am looking for and then the converstion begins---most of the basics I get since I DO have a mower--but then he starts in with the self-propelled requires an additional lever---but you don't have to use it---and you can bag or you can mulch instead--WAIT I thought when you mowed over something it WAS mulch---it's just leave it or bag it. SO then he give me the price---I pick my jaw up off the floor ---but then think well that's basically 8 mowings by someone else.

THEN I remember I like things neat and edged. I ask him about an edger----I glassed over when he got to the point of telling me about the 10 ft of string you wind into the do-ma-hicky that holds it and how EASY that is & OH YES---it is easy start. YEAH RIGHT NONE of this stuff is easy start.

So now I'm home and I'm in resting after mowing 1/2 the yard with my old stand by---time to get back out there.---and I'll think about a new mower/edger tomorrow-SCARLETT!


Anonymous said...

Scarlett - tomorrow - sounds like me! Love it!!!

Lora H

Susie Homemaker said...
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knf said...

I hope you are saving all your posts to publish in a book.