Saturday, November 19, 2011


After watching HOURS of Hallmark Christmas movies--I have come to believe if you ask it will be granted---SO indulge me in a moment of child like faith

Dear Santa Elves--

Christmas has always been such a magical time for me and I have ALWAYS believed. As you remember, after Daddy died---Momma lost the magic and Christmas and any celebration in her eyes--disappeared. Yet---I persisted and insisted in decorating and holding on to the magic. You remember----I would put up the tree---decorate the house---even as a girl--trying to hold onto the childlike desire for happiness and good cheer.

I became a "Grown Up", and had a family of my own. I TRIED TRIED TRIED to make it magical for the children I had been blessed with. I decorated, I baked, I made candy-I shopped for the perfect gifts. I Believed---it could be magical for them as well. I loved each and every Christmas---and have MANY wonderful memories of every Christmas ----it was all joy.

When the grands started coming along---I loved being with them at Christmas and sharing the time with my friends here at home. I enjoyed Christmas---still decorated--but with maturity had time for other seasonal celebrations and they were joyful as well.

The last 3 Christmases have been sad and missing the magic. I was wrapped up in my desperate attempts to keep what had been---but that is gone now. I am trying to recapture the joy and magic that Christmas has always been. So Elves, I have put up a tree that I will light up after I return from my tour of Texas next week. All I am asking is that you come and magically decorate the outside of my house. The door---some lights---anything---I would just like for you to sprinkle a little Christmas joy on me this year.

Christmas is magical----the best gift that was ever given came that first Christmas. I believe--I really do---help me spread the belief.

Your Faithful Christmas Lover


Anonymous said...

Let's hope the "little elves" don't decorate your house with tp!! ha ha Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Should I or should I not apply for the position as Christmas Elf? That is the question. Decision made! I'll apply. Why, you may ask, would someone apply for such an arduous task. Simple my dear lady, I have come to know and fallen in love with my grandson, my first grandchild, and the magic of unbridled joy that Christmas brings to their entire being has smitten me. I too want to again revel in the happiness that the season of the holy birth brings even if to a child it is represented by Ole Saint Nick. So, if the position is still open, count on me to run hidden extension cords, hang wreaths without nails, "squint" the arrangement of lights on the shrubbery,and position the angel atop the tree even if a ladder isn't handy. I'll arrive quietly with a proper introduction. Until then dear damsel, I will while away the moments shining my armor and girding my steed.