Tuesday, November 22, 2011


For those of you that have missed the fun (I actually love what I do) of being self employed---it is NEVER easy to get out of town. You work twice as hard to leave and when you get back ---this huge pile is waiting for you again. I currently have 3 projects going and worked on all 3 today. There's only one of me ---but somehow I managed to spread me out.

I leave early tomorrow

"All my kids and grands live in Texas"

my favorite country song and oft repeated theme! My sweet children can't seem to get it together which means I get to make a fast tour of most of the state to see them all. I am NOT complaining though. The parents of my grands always welcome me and I anticipate some wrestling and rolling in the floor with my 4 favorite men in the world. I will have an entire set of new bruises when I come home.

I have begun decorating for Christmas & I am planning a "Christmas/Birthday Party" for myself. The past 3 birthdays have been disappointing---but I plan to enjoy this one. SO IF you would like a piece of birthday cake--the kind I like most and would like to see the new house---message me on facebook or comment on the blog and I will send you the details. NO gifts--except for a child's book for a child that probably doesn't have many or maybe even any.

OK---it's 10:15. I still have not packed and have a early morning run----time to get busy! OH YEAH---I ran 5 miles Monday WHOOP WHOOP! Only 21.2 more to go before the next marathon!


twinx mom said...

I want a piece of cake!

judie bryan-harrell said...

I always love to celebrate friends, even new ones. I'd love a piece of your fav cake!!! Love the book gift idea!!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving touring TX!

adrian seney said...

You KNOW I love cake and I love you, too, so don't forget about us!! Tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving and be safe!

Anonymous said...

cake for the millers please!!! happy thanksgiving and safe travels!

kmasbaby said...

count me in!!! lub ya

Kathy Sims said...

Brooke and I would love to be there to wish you happy birthday and enjoy your favorite birthday cake! Enjoy your Texas travels! Happy Thanksgiving!


SND said...

Put my name on your long list, my friend!!