Friday, November 25, 2011


To understand this post (I know I often write crypted posts--SORRY) skip down and read the post about Christmas magic. After I posted it---I had a comment:

Should I or should I not apply for the position as Christmas Elf? That is the question. Decision made! I'll apply. Why, you may ask, would someone apply for such an arduous task. Simple my dear lady, I have come to know and fallen in love with my grandson, my first grandchild, and the magic of unbridled joy that Christmas brings to their entire being has smitten me. I too want to again revel in the happiness that the season of the holy birth brings even if to a child it is represented by Ole Saint Nick. So, if the position is still open, count on me to run hidden extension cords, hang wreaths without nails, "squint" the arrangement of lights on the shrubbery,and position the angel atop the tree even if a ladder isn't handy. I'll arrive quietly with a proper introduction. Until then dear damsel, I will while away the moments shining my armor and girding my steed.
November 22, 2011 8:05 PM

NOW for my response since you all all up to speed---

I am really concerned about you and think you may need to seek professional help. You seem to be suffering from "Character Confusion". I think perhaps you slid back in time and read some of my older posts---especially when I was on a quest to find "Prince Charming" and in an effort to fill all the rolls---you became confused.

I am pretty sure that elves wear felt costumes---with shiny buttons. They also tend to favor pointy shoes with bells on the toes and a pointy hat that matches their outfit---also made from felt. Also elves appear magically and leave behind some wonderful surprise---such as my house being decorated without the need for adult supervision.

The Knight in Shining Armor to the contrary favors shining armor which is certainly not soft, but will work well when slaying dragons. He indeed is always saving the damsel in distress---but I am pretty sure he has a staff to shine the armor for him and the stable hand always girds the steed.

I am not unappreciative of your volunteering for this daunting task--but ---have dealt with confused characters in the past. I strongly suggest you think it over before you climb the tower or sprinkle your magic----it may be a sign of need for LONG hours of therapy to get involved in the Chronicles of Ouiser.

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