Monday, October 24, 2011


One of the best things that I can think of that's good about me----I can laugh at myself---

I have done some DOOZIES in my day---

How many of you have walked out the door on your way to work without your skirt on--in my defense---it was a long time ago--when you still wore slips---I had a full time job and a family to raise and care for----that's my story anyway AND then told the story on yourself

How many would chase around after varmints in the middle of the night with a gun they sort of knew how to shoot and tell the story?

How many would shoot a hole in the side of the house, through the wall, through the shower curtain and lodge it in the shower and tell the story?

How many would admit being "mammary gland challenged" and tell the story?

How many would walk around with droopy drawers all day and tell the story?

How many would lock the keys in their car while sweaty and gross at the grocery store and tell the story?

I don't mind laughing at myself and telling the story---so that's one good thing about me...

Of course to some---you never admit these things----and certainly not on the WWW---appearances are most important...

But to me---it's all hilarious when I pull these stunts and I can't wait to share them with you.


Anonymous said...

That is only ONE of the HUNDREDS of good things about you...(but I do love that trait about you.) IN are truly beautiful, both inside and out. You work hard to keep yourself in excellent health. You keep a WONDERFUL HOME...and DID for many many years. You are not only one of the SMARTEST women I are truly one of the wisest...I would have probably done MANY MORE stupid things in my life...(Of which I have--no doubt) had I not listened to your advise. Your business sense cannot be beat. You do more for other people than anyone I know...I truly feel lacking in comparison to that particular gift you have. You never stop helping others...and have done so for me more times than I could ever count. You are a woman after God's own heart...HE knows that beyond a shadow of a doubt..and you LISTEN for answers from HIM rather than heading out on your own...(again, not one of my strong points.) From a very personal are a true friend to those you hold close to your have helped me work through more heartaches and valleys than anyone I have ever had in my life....speaking to me---yes---out of concern, but also with a clear mind that I did not have at particular times...You are the bestest of moms and the best MAMALULU...Need I go on???? I cannot think of mamy people who have as many positive character traits as you have. As far as those "mammies"....they ain't near what they are cracked up to be. You are a role model for case you didn't know...and I will always be there for my Grandma would say..."I'd fight a circle saw for you!" And would be glad to carry out some of my other threats...which are non-printable. LUH YA TOO MUCH!

SND said...

Ditto! Ditto! Amen!

Gabe said...

Self-deprecation is sorely missing these days. I get it honest, no?