Friday, October 7, 2011


This has been a week that I wish I had taken that amnesia drug at the beginning of and it would work for the entire week---basically MOST of the week---I wish I could just forget-FOREVER!

I had my first-EVER-panic attack last night. Now the really strange thing about this happening---was I did not get in any panic over the fact that Philip & I were in charge of the decorating for a dinner for 150 and did not really get started with the ideas or decorating until the very last minute. Philip's wife texts me Tuesday night and asked are you too tired to talk to Philip about the decorating for Thursday evening---I'm getting a little concerned. NOT TO WORRY! Got it handled---well sort of--in my head anyway.

I have a new client, that God so kindly provided, and started working with them this week. They are doing a computer conversion----groan----I just finished another conversion project. Let me just say----the people that sell these to you---are not going to be much help once you have paid them! They had a problem that I tackled Tuesday---not to be beaten or out done-by this problem--I worked on it until midnight---2 days in a row. ANYWAY---

I left this office at 2 on Wednesday afternoon and went to 2 $ stores (find the darnedest things at the $ store)---purchased the basics for decorating---ran by Philip's home--discussed what we were going to do----left work at 4 Thursday afternoon and had the decorating finished by 5:30. NOT TO WORRY SONJA--it all turned out OK!

As the crowd starts arriving, I start feeling a little uncomfortable---the room is soon full of people- some my sweet friends, some acquaintances, and many I do not know. I had to run out the door 30 minutes into the event--didn't get to hear my friend, Sheila speak, my friends, Tami & Christi sing---WHAT A BUMMER. Came home ---went to bed at 6 PM---slept until 9:30 this morning when the phone woke me up.

I've got to go get tested for "Sleeping Sickness"--I'm pretty sure I have it!

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