Wednesday, October 26, 2011



My sweet friend, Mona suggested I contact you as I was relaying how lonely I am at times. She thought you might be able to find the perfect match of someone to spend some quality time with and enjoy each other's company. S0 perhaps--where I should start is by describing just what I think I am looking for----

TOP number one on the list is someone that loves God---praises Jesus---is not ashamed of the Gospel and strives to know Him better. One who is after the very heart of God.

Someone who is loyal----faithful---would never betray--loving----tender---sweet---who listens like there is no other person in the room and truly cares what is being said. Not necessarily the best looking person I've ever seen---in fact preferably NOT---clean---dresses neatly---no outlandish body art---unless it is well hiden--and smells nice.

Someone who still loves fun---doesn't mind a bike ride, a hike, a walk, a game, kayaking---adventures of all kinds. Loves to play with the children---like a child---doesn't mind a good ride down the hill in the wagon.

Someone who looks for opportunities to be with friends---enjoy laughes---doesn't mind crying occasionally at sad and happy times..

Someone who enjoys the beach, the mountains, the sunrise, the sunset and glories in creation. Someone who will work to conquer their fears for the sake of an adventure. Brave and willing to take a risk for the sake of a laugh or wonder.

Someone who has their eyes open and their ears atuned to the needs around us and strives to help without need for glory.

Someone who doesn't mind a pratical joke and would be willing to participate in playing a joke.

Someone who loves my family----thinks they are wonderful and relishes times with them. Someone who loves my friends--enjoys their company--and looks for opportunities to share times with them.

Someone who enjoys digging in the dirt- admiring the garden---and watching the flora and flauna bloom and blossom as it grows.

A good cook---a good eater---not opposed to a glass of wine---likes to sit on the porch and watch the dusk fade and sit in front of the fire and watch the embers dwindle.

Someone who enjoys reading and might even read what I write and comment

Someone who might reach out and touch just for the sake of connection and just to show their love.

WAIT---I've just described me----NEVER MIND---I'll try to do better at enjoying me---when those lonely times come.

Thank You For Your Time,


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Anonymous said...

Lora, you've just described the perfect man! As much as I hate to say it, and as jaded as this sounds, I am convinced that he does NOT exist! Good luck getting through the lonely times!