Monday, October 3, 2011


REALLY-I even find myself amazing! If I could get my leg that high, I would kick myself in the butt this morning!

The day starts off looking at the clock at 4:30 and thinking I REALLY don't want to get up and run. BUT knowing the Sonja and Sheila----AAAAHHHEEMMM--WHERE WERE YOU?-would be waiting on me, I slipped out of that bed --well fell out of the bed and got ready to go out the door. OBVIOUSLY-Sheila has no problem with early morning guilt complex!

I must say---the run was good --the cool mornings help-BIG TIME! When I got back to the car, I looked in the mirror and wondered "Do I dare run by the grocery looking like this?" Well never one to stand on decorum or looks---off I went. Grocery shopping done, I am packing the trunk with my purchases. I very smartly put my purse down to load the heavy water crate and pushed the trunk latch down when finished. OH NO---my purse is in the truck with the keys- OH WELL--I am sure the front door is unlocked since I unlocked all the car to open the trunk. NO SUCH LUCK---so the keys and my cell phone are in the trunk and the house key I can see is safely locked in the front of the car.

I tuck my tail and head back into the store to beg for a phone. I am thinking who can I call and what must I do to remedy this mess. WELL after a couple of calls, Jim comes to my rescue. It has come to me that I have to drive to one of the schools to get the ONLY other key from Sha--I then must drive to my house to get the spare car key--which thank goodness even after a move I know where it is---I then must go back to the store to get the car. NOW most mornings I would have pulled the garage door down-which would have been another hurdle since Sha's key ONLY opens the kitchen door---but today I felt sorry for my neighbors and my 5 AM noises and did not do. After driving me all over town---Jim has completed his rescue mission. A HUGE THANK YOU TO JIM!

Lesson learned----get more keys made---this morning---DO NOT PUT YOUR PURSE DOWN IN THE TRUNK---even if it is about to strangle you to death. Place keys in safe places in case this type of thing happens again. NOTE HOW SMART I AM---I am not revealing on the WWW where I intend to put keys nor which keys I intend to do that with. PERHAPS---I am not a COMPLETE idiot!


Anonymous said...

What a morning!!!! Glad you had Jim to help you out......all I can say've been around me too long.....but DON'T let that stop you from hanging with me....this sounds exactly like something I would pull off! Luh ya!

Anonymous said...

And this only happens when you are looking your very worse!