Thursday, March 31, 2011


You have to balance on the risers to paint the side trim since the treads are off.
Best Picture I could get showing one part of the stairs. After the landing there is another section just like this one going up.

Today started after a better night's rest. DIL gave me some melatonin. I've tried this naural supplement before, but she has a higher dosage that I have used. While I still wake up a lot and had a VERY disturbing dream, I was able to return to sleep each time I woke up. WHOOOPPPPEEE!

Started the day with a run to the grocery store after I realized that tomorrow night's supper has to be marinated for 24 hours before slow cooking all day. The early morning traffic in Austin is a completely different post!

I then came back to prepare the marinade and sit around waiting for #1 to unlock the house for my painting job. He is not answering his cell and I am sitting here waiting. When he finally shows up, he informs me that he has already unlocked the door. I CAN NOT READ MINDS!

I spent most of the late morning and afternoon painting the last coat on the "Treads"-not the risers---I am a dummy! I then put the first two coats of primer and paint on the treads for the lower staircase and painted the trim on the lower stairs. I finished off the trim around the stairs, while balancing on "the risers" and hoping to not slip and go through the roof.

Came home and prepared marinated - grilled talapia with mango salsa and orzo with a side salad and toasted sour dough bread. For the recipe---look at the food blog.

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