Monday, May 31, 2010


I have a box of Momma's things---a lifetime of memories condensed down to a box. One of the sweet-sweet things inside was a letter from Daddy to Momma during World War II. Lest we forget the HUGE sacrifice made by so many including Daddy so that we would be free today--I decided to share the text of the letter with you today--Memorial Day--

"Dear Louise,

Happy Birthday!!!

Despite the fact that I am planning this long in advance and anything can happen-I do so much want you to know that whereever I am or whatever I am doing I will stop and say to myself, 'Happy Birthday to you my Dearest Wife'.

It is funny the way I thought of this I sang 'You Are the One Rose' to myself all day and so came the idea-yes, indeed-you are 'The Only Rose' if I may revise the title a bit.

You know we have been seperated a long time but to me we are not three years older but three years wiser. I can truthfully say we will take up exactly where we left off three years ago. To me the old proberb 'Absents makes the heart grow fonder' is exactly true.

Again let me say 'Happy Birthday To My Dear Wife' and remind her that I love and miss her more and more each day.

All My Love,

I treasure this letter, but my message to you today is a reminder of the many men and women in uniform away from loved ones insuring our freedom. Thank them each and everyone.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


One of my jobs for next year for CSE (the school where I volunteer) is the annual uniform drive. CSE is a "School at Risk"---almost all of the students are from lower economic families and the part of Ruston that they are pulled from has the greatest number of people with the least education. Ruston is a college town with 2 more universities within 30 miles of here. For the most part, we would be considered a "Highly Educated" town because of all the employees for these three universities, but we have not succeeded in raising the level of education through out our town.

I went to a funeral of a long time family friend Thursday. This wonderful lady was the first of her family of 8 brothers and sisters to obtain a college degree. It all starts somewhere and if we could all help just one child to obtain the highest level of education in their family--we would be on our way. I Digress!

We are having a uniform drive for next year for CSE. Most of these parents are struggling to keep food on the table and the lights on in their houses--buying multiple uniforms for multiple children is a HUGE struggle. We are trying to help these children have the uniforms required by their school.

If each of us--just gave at least one uniform----Khaki pants/shorts/skirts and black/red/white polo shirts, just how many uniforms could we provide? The sizes range from the kindergartner's to 5th graders that are larger than me. Would you consider donating One?


Friday, May 28, 2010


Remember this story? It seems a little ironic today.

Yesterday, I went to pick up my student that I tutor, her sister who is 1 year younger, and her brother who is 2 years younger (4th, 3rd, & 2nd grade). I had asked their Poppe (who speaks broken English) if I could take them to the Library this week. I told him that I would pick them up at 1:00, Wednesday.

I was 3 minutes late. They were all inside the house, but quickly came when their "abuelita" saw me drive up. After they got in my car, they all announced that they didn't think I was coming since I was SO late. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???????

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I just returned from a funeral of one of my long time friends and the Mother of BC's childhood friends. She was a dear lady and quite the card. As the Service was conducted, the pastor read some excerpts from a dialogue that she had with her son about her life. As he read, I could hear her voice and tone of inflection in my mind. It was a sweet memory, of a Godly---yet highly opinionated lady. Taken from her home following WW II and plopped down in North Louisiana among her husband's "People", she had lived life well. The testament of her children and grandchildren rang clear that she had walked the walk and talked the talk of a woman filled with the love of God.

It is rather daunting to know that my parent's peers are leaving us in droves now. I had already come to the realization that my brothers and I are the senior members of our family. It is happening more and more everyday to my friends and contemporaries as "The Great Generation" slowly comes to a close.

Many accolades have been give to this generation who not only survived a childhood during The Great Depression, but then sacrificed dearly to insure our freedom during World War II. I have found letters that Daddy wrote Momma during his deployment to Europe during WWII, but that post will wait for another day. Today I am pondering now that our generation is becoming the senior generation, what will be said of us as we begin our leave taking. Some of my peers have already met their final day, that and today's funeral makes me think. What will be said and is it too late to alter the lasting impact we will have. Am I over-analyzing, as BC often accuses me, or is all of this truly as important as I think? What do you think?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am on a quest---I HEAR THOSE GROANS! This quest doesn't involve ANYONE but me! I have decided I want to be able to view movies played on my laptop on the television. Sounds simple enough--RIGHT?

SO BC tells me ---"You just go to RS & get a cable and hook them up together." The "Attitude Rich Sales Clerk" at RS gives me this condescending look and points out the cable I need. When I inquire about how difficult this will be--he then gives me the "What Boat Did You Come In On" look. I REALLY don't appreciate these attitudes! As I am checking out, he asks, "Did you want to be able to hear the movie on your television." DUH--no I am into lip reading! That requires another cable.

I get home and go on my quest to hook it all up. I have my "Red Box" rental in my hot little hand and I think "HOW HARD CAN THIS BE?" Well hooking it up is not hard---not hard at all. Getting it to actually work is another thing!

So I download 2 different pieces of software--can't even remember how I discovered I needed those. A "Movie Shower" and a "Movie Decoder". I think OK now----NO SOAP. I am down on my knees by the computer reading and watching videos of how to do this by this point.

I GAVE UP! BC is on the couch asleep--I've seen the movie and only got it to watch with him. I GO TO BED!

This morning after a 5 mile run and 3 mile walk---I tackle it again AND I am CLOSE--OH SO CLOSE. But this isn't Horseshoes and close doesn't get a score-NOR A MOVIE!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I very seldom----very very very seldom--go over the edge..........but today I was tottering on the VERY SLIM THREAD of the farthermost edge----with my head pointed OVER! It always surprises me--these few times that I have been on that emotional sliver how I react. Let's just say----I can be MUCH MORE aggressive than I ever dreamed. I can rant and rave----threaten----and throw out verbal bullets that I seriously don't know where they come from.

Today's eruption followed a revelation that one of the companies "My Boys" are dealing with while constructing their house was FAR from scrupulous and not true to their word---AFTER receiving the money for their job 2 weeks ago. I believe the words attorney, sue, damages, Better Business Bureau all came out of my mouth over a short time period.

#2 called the Rep and told him that "His Investor" was leaning on him and he was just relaying the message. FINE BY ME----tell him just what I said. #1 laughed and said the rep was a BIG GUY and was looking for me. My response-----


Don't mess with Texas and WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T MESS WITH MOMMA!

Monday, May 24, 2010


It is VERY hot and humid these days when we run our early morning runs. The following is the conversation after our 5 miler this AM:

(Party not named--don't want her fussing at me----suffice it to say that she is a "Machine"--not human---works out ALL the time. 13 mile run Saturday; LONG bike ride yesterday; 5 mile run this AM and then 3 mile walk after) "Lora, I wanted to ask you do you think me going off my hormones could be making me feel so tired?"

Me- "Yes, it probably would at first, until your body adapts to the change"

Anonymous Party-"WELL I'm just going to get back on them, I need to feel better and not be tired."

Me-"Well you are doing a LOT"

Her-"NO I'M NOT!"

Larry-"Well I've been feeling tired too, so maybe I'll start taking hormones too"

OH GOODNESS---Larry has been running with us girls WAY too long!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


"How did this happen?"

"It just happened--sort of crept up on me. It was like vines. At first there is only one. Next thing you know they're all over the place and you can't even see the door."


This has been "Reconcilement Weekend" at our church, Christ Community Church. See Here for details of the fifteen year story of strife, disagreement, estrangement, hurt, anger & finally after a two year process of talks and meetings--this weekend was the celebration. In the place of division, discord, and dissension--are repentance and reconcilement. It is a testament to the God that we serve, and His desire for His children. It has been a beautiful and sweet time.

Today's message centered around "The Sermon on the Mount" and the Beatitudes "Blessed are the peacemakers". As Brother Len challenged us--examine your life, search your heart---Is there anyone that you need to go to and repent and seek reconcilement with. God desires us to live in unity and for our relationships to be God honoring. Satan desires us to focus upon our needs and wants and for us to focus upon ourselves and not those around us. He revels in our broken relations and feeds our anger and discouragement to prevent the furtherment of the "Kingdom".

Is there one who is standing in pain, waiting for your word of sorrow? I am questioning myself today and resolving to glorify Him by mending any brokenness in my life. We are all human and all fallen---we have not always sought His direction and mishandled many of the important relationships in our lives. Life is short and fleeting---I hope to "Run the Race Well" and "Finish Well."

Examine your heart--step forward with a word--no ifs, ands, or buts--just sorrow and repentance. What a beautiful thing it could be.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


My cell phone rang--it's CAMILLE
I answer, "Hello!"
Camille (on speaker phone) "Hi, Mom!"
Henry, "Hey"
Me, "Henry is that you?"
H- "Hey"
Me-"Henry it's Momma Lulu"
Me-"Henry are you coming to Texas soon
Me-"I can't wait to see you, Henry".
Me-"What are you doing, Henry"
Camille- "Sorry Mom, Henry threw the phone down"
Obviously the conversation was over.
"Bye, Henry"

Friday, May 21, 2010


I went to tutor my sweet student about a week ago on a Monday after school. The Resource Teacher (also my sister in law) tells me that Jessica's room is having a year end "Reading Program" on Wednesday and invited me to attend. WELL OF COURSE I would come!

The next morning when I went to tutor, Jessica said, "Mrs. Lora, would you pick my Mother up tomorrow? She does not drive and would like to come to the program." As we all would, I immediately said, "Yes". Only problem is -----her Mother does not speak English. Well I tell myself---if I talk slowly and loudly (like all Americans think) she will get what I am saying-----It will be fine! I send a note home with Jessica stating EXACTLY what time I will be there.

The next morning, I am headed to pick Senora up and get behind a S L O WWWWWWW! truck. ALWAYS a stickler for being ON TIME, I am about to have a stroke. FINALLY-I pull up before their apartment EXACTLY on time---NO ONE is outside. Oh well, I'll go knock on the door---the METAL door. I KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK------NO ANSWER! I wait a few minutes---KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK VERY LOUDLY----no answer. Well perhaps she caught another ride---since NO ONE answers and Grandmother and 2 babies are also living there. I head to school.

I walk in the front door---there is the Resource Teacher---"Have you seen Jessica's Mother?"
I walk to Jessica's room which is in the farthermost corner from the front door. As I walk in--me and one other Grandmother are the only adults besides the teachers. I look at Jessica--she looks at me smiles and then past me and her face drops. I ask her about her Mother and she says "She was home! Perhaps in the bathroom--but she is home." We get the teacher's phone and Jessica calls Poppe (her Daddy)--who speaks broken English. I get on the phone and he tells me the same story. I look at Jessica's face and can't stand it-----I will go back and get your Mother. I tell the teacher and she informs me we are starting in 5 minutes. "I'll Hurry!" I SPRINT out of the door---slam the car into action and fly to their apartment.
As I pull up, there she is---waiting outside for me. She gets in the car and I try to have a conversation. I say, " I knocked knocked knocked (with hand motions) and no one (with head motion) answered the door?" She looks at me and simply says, "Sleeping". OH MY GOODNESS as I FLY back to the school. Now remember one day a week I tutor after school and take Jessica home. I am CERTAIN as I was flying down the road, Mother was thinking, "I let my sweet baby ride with this maniac!"
We get back to school, I double park by the nearest door, beg someone to open a locked door, and race down the hall with PG Momma in tow. We slip into the room and the program immediately starts. WHEW!
I related this story to my friend Margarita who is from Honduras and she begins laughing. It seems that the Latin culture are not quite so hung up on clocks as we all are. She said, "If they invite you to dinner at 6, don't bother going until 7. It would almost be rude." GOOD GRIEF! I obviously have a LOT to learn!
As I sat and listened to the students recite their poetry, I was thinking, my brother is right again---NO GOOD TURN GOES UNPUNISHED! But on that day he was wrong!---You see the look on the face of Jessica when her Mother walked in the door and the sweet picture she had drawn and presented to me were ALL the reward I could EVER want or need.

Thursday, May 20, 2010



Cut and paste the sentence. Go to your igoogle bar-language tools-translation- paste the line in there. Translate Italian to English. WAA LAA! I had to translate one line at a time, but it is doable.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Il mio corpo è qui, ma IL MIO CUORE C'E '

Italia terra di romanticismo e sogni. Si sta chiamando al mio cuore.

Circondato da montagne, bella Verona chiama tutti noi.
Mentre sono sul balcone, il mio invito Romeo per me

Solo un sogno ---- solo un sogno.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am booking my flight to Verona, Italy. Just returned from "Letters To Juliet" and the land of romance has totally captivated my heart. Beautiful gardens, beautiful landscapes, breath-taking scenery, quaint and timeless villages, and OH THE MEN---such romantics!

Why do we women LOVE a good chick flick? We are brought into this world with the need for someone to not only desire us, but cherish us--Forever. We want someone who thinks their life is not complete unless we are by their side. We love the sweet touch or quickly held hand that tells us we are important. We want the "Knight On His White Horse" to rescue us, care for us and always declare his love for us. We desire to be most important in our loves life---only behind God.

Life does not always work out this way---so we go to chick flicks---and we hope.


Monday, May 17, 2010


LORD!!!! In case I have forgotten today, please keep my children in good health and safe from accidents!!!
I appreciate the opportunity to stay with Tracy and sweet little Max today, God. I really am sorry for the big knot on his head. Who would have dreamed, Lord, that he would try to pull the baby gate open to follow me when I went to the bathroom for the ONLY time today?
Lord, keep all the maniac drivers away from my children as they drive the streets. Place your "Driving Angels" in their front seats and direct their paths.
Thank you, Lord for a fun time playing with Max and heal the bruise on his nose and mouth quickly Lord. Those steps he fell on were obviously placed there by someone who had NEVER raised a crawling baby.
Lord, give my children "Super Immunities" and protect them from this germ filled world. Don't allow any nasty little germ to invade their bodies.
Lord, I pray for Chris as he comes home from a long day of work that he would be filled with patience as he picks up the cheerios, stroganoff, cracker crumbs, waffle bits and oh YES wipes up Aunt Jemima's Sticky Leavings! Give him the understanding that ONLY Mr. Mom could have.
Lord, place a hedge of protection around my children and keep them in a state of constant alertness!
Lord, I thank you for the opportunity to be with Max today and I pray for his Mother's forgiveness as she discovers that we dumped out EACH and every toy from EACH and every toy box and then took every little piece out of every little container within that toy box. Help her Lord to remember that SHE bought all those toys in the first place!
Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of being with Max today---BUT GOD---THANK YOU for the reminder to pray for my children's health and protection EVERY DAY. You are right as you showed me today---------I AM WAY TO OLD TO BE RAISING ANYMORE CHILDREN!
You are a wonderful God and I thank you for your patience and teachings as I plod along day by day. BUT LORD,---DON'T FORGET TO KEEP MY CHILDREN WHOLE AND HEALTHY!!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010



What fun visiting with Mona and her sweet identical grands. TWICE AS NICE!

Friday, May 14, 2010



We finished our book we have been studying this year in Small Group last night. The final half of the last chapter was on the "Trials" in our lives. One of the subjects the author discussed was "Loneliness in our Suffering". He said even when others sympathize or empathize with our suffering--they actually never understand what we are enduring. Suffering is truly a "Lonely Road". Abraham's "Road to Moriah" was a lonely trek, even with his son walking by his side. Yet Abraham forged ahead and put one foot in front of the other--with faith and belief that God was truly the God of goodness. Full of doubt---but filled with faith--he just kept on going.

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other---keep the faith and keep moving.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Last week was Cypress Springs Teacher's Appreciation Week. Our small group provided the lunch for all the wonderful teachers on Thursday. Since it was cinco de Mayo +1, we played off that and had a "Fiesta". It seemed that all the teachers appreciated the lunch, the fellowship, and especially A BREAK!

Jim, "The Chef" & Ginny

Margarita's Poster--WHO KNEW she was ALSO an artist!
Not sure exactly WHAT James is up to

Nancy and a Group of Teachers

Mrs. Lynch and BC

Helen Serving Her DELICIOUS Cake

Sister, Mrs. Sims and BC--You might think he was saying something wise

Lunch & Laughter---Nothing Better

A GREAT service project and a WONDERUL group of teachers.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The jasmine is in full bloom. I SO love jasmine. As you walk out the front door the sweet ---but gentle aroma drifts like tendrils and pulls you to the banquet of tiny white flowers draping the basketball goal. The once well used goal has now become the home of a deep lush jasmine. Wrapping around and hugging the lattice and post and backboard and finally the goal itself, the flowers are as thick as a lush jungle. The goal that served my children well is in its old age now fully covered by the prolific vine. A well deserved rest after many years of pounding--the goal has now become part of the garden. I have no more beautiful yard art than it. It is like a silk ribbon tying the sweetness of the past with the beauty of the present. So like God to provide a bridge from what was to what is--and like the tendrils He is woven all through both.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I have spent a lot of time today thinking of the Important Mothers in my life.

There is #1 daughter and her #1 son and baby on the way. She is a much better Mother than I was. As I was thinking about her today, I reflected upon the fact that I have been a better Mother than my Mother and that she in turn is a better Mother than I was. My friend at church told me we were "passing it forward" and with the passing God is blessing our efforts and making them better for the future.

#1 DIL--the Mother of # 1 & #2 Grands. A wonderful mother--she loves and cherishes my sweet grands. She is an excellent mother and a much better mother than I was. I am blessed to call her the mother of my first two grands.

The Mother of BC. One of the sweetest and kindest women I have ever known. She taught me how to love with absolute unrestrained vigor. She has loved her three children well and they call her "Blessed among women". A great example of how to be a "Mother".
Momma----I lost her on Mother's Day nine years ago and miss her each and every day.

Happy Mother's Day to All Mothers and especially you "Active Duty Mothers"!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Several from Christ Community Church attended the annual School Board luncheon honoring the "Adopt a School" program here in Lincoln Parish. I MUST stop and brag on our church a little. Christ Community was awarded the Non-business Partner of the Year award. I must say knowing SO many that participate in the ministry to assist the "At Risk" school of Cypress Springs Elementary I was delighted with the award.
WAY TO GO All You CCCers!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Perhaps my thumb is a "little green" anyway! Look at my prize cabbage!

Busy Day---tutoring, School Board "Partners In Education" luncheon, and Carol to Shreveport for her day after shot. Idle hands---you know-----

4:52 P.M.


Monday, May 3, 2010


I went with Camille for her ultrasound and blood work while in Erie. We took along Mr Henry---like you can't leave a 1 year old home alone DUH! While sitting in the OB/GYN's waiting area, I noticed all these PG women were kind of looking at us funny.
It turned out that the cute little cup with the lid that is JUST PERFECT for cheerios is also the same cup that you turn in your "samples" when you go for your OB checkup. Flew right over Camille's head that she had done that until she noticed the "Looks". SHE SWORE she did wash it IN THE DISHWASHER......YUCK with OTHER dishes?
Busy week ----it is Teacher's Appreciation Week---so
to ALL you teachers out there!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


As we were taking Communion together this AM, I spent some time praying and meditating upon just what it all means. The fact that God chose to come and live among us and take on human flesh with all its' frailties is amazing. Then He suffered more pain than most of us could even imagine while wearing this "earthly body". He knows our suffering. He sacrificed His body in great pain and anguish that we might be redeemed.

His blood then was the sacrificial blood of atonement to cover our sins. Blood must be offered or sin can not be forgiven. His blood was spilled upon the alter and we were then cleansed from all of our unrighteous. I am humbled by His willingness to spill His blood for my sin and elated by the promise of eternity with Him.

What a sweet reminder of --Who He Is and What He Has Done For Me.


#1 & #2 are building a spec house on Lake Austin. They have created a blog to follow the progress. Go here