Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Christmas has always been a magical time of the year for me. From my earliest memory my Daddy made Christmas wonderful. There have been times that I have found Christmas over-whelming---and times that I even fought off being blue---but even with that it has always been my favorite time of the year.

For many and various reasons, I have not had the "Magical Feeling" this year. There are no decorations---not even a tree. I just could not get it all going this year. It is almost like it is not really Christmas. I did get out and push through gifts for the close family---but that has been it. I have almost chosen to skip Christmas altogether---except for the Grands---I might have done just that.

Today God revealed to me that the "Wonder and Magic" are not in the tinsel and presents----but in the very thing we are celebrating--The Birth Of Our Saviour. It is a wonder and beyond my ability to comprehend why He chose to come down to Earth---HOW He could love us that much-------That Love Beyond Reason! So as I drove along the interstate, I took the time to thank Him for the Reason for the Season. Perhaps it was a good thing to put all the Human part of Christmas aside for a season and STOP and reflect on the "Wonder of It All".

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!


Deb said...

Trees with junk hung on them is not worry not!

With my parents coming to meet Frazier I am doing so much better Christmas spirit wise than I usually do. Holidays are tough when you are 24 hours from so much of your family and usually I am right there with you and understand TOTALLY!

Also, I too have praying for the true Christmas spirit....the Holy Spirit to assist me in seeing Christmas for what it really is...a celebration of HIS love for us! That is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

That was really beautiful........

I was really touched........

Luh ya!


The Tylers said...

What a thoughtful post...truly what we are trying to teach Jake adn Landry Grace in a world so flooded with presents and Santa. Thank you for such an awesome reminder.

Anonymous said...

I think alot of what you said is true for all of us some years. I love gifts but I really wish we had another day to give and recieve them bc I believe they do take the focus from the religious aspect of the day. Hope you have a nice Holiday!