Friday, December 11, 2009


There are three things that I have done well and good in my life-----and that is bring 3 wonderful and sweet children into this world. Today is Gabe's Birthday and I am reminded of the blessing that he has been for me.

Gabe and I share the distinction of being "Middle Children". That is not an easy role to fill. There were times that I felt like all 3 kids were-"Only Children" since they are so far apart in age----but there is still birth order dynamics.

Of my 3, Gabe probably has the tenderest heart. As most of us middle children do, he is quick to volunteer to "Rush in for a rescue". Are you sick, are you down, do you need help----he will come to your aid. A loving Uncle that the grands adore. He is a playmate and yet a firm hand when needed. He has spent countless hours throwing kids in the water, swimming in the lake, throwing balls, and jumping on trampolines with all of his special nephews. He can even get a little silly with Henry, just to get a smile.

By this time 33 years ago today, Gabe was not very happy with his entrance into the world, his Dad had gone home to get some sleep and I was wondering how to quiet a screaming baby. A day not unlike today----cold and wintery--and yet one of the days that changed my life forever. A real Momma's baby for 2-3 years, he was on my hip or my constant shadow until I finally pushed him off and out the door to be with his Daddy. Once he learned the delights of maledom---I think I lost him except for brief moments.

We've made a full circle and discovered new things that we both love in his adult years. It is a delight to be in the kitchen and cook together-----although he does seem to forget just WHO IS IN CHARGE when we are there together. We both love to hike and he is the one child that doesn't mind looking at my pictures and hearing my adventures.

Gabe never meets a stranger and knew everyone within the neighborhood in a short period of time. Scott commented that he had lived there a few years and still did not know all the neighbors, but somehow Gabe had learned all their names. He has the gift of striking up a conversation and inviting you into his circle with ease. A lot like his Daddy, he sometimes uses all of his emotional meeting and greeting energy away from home and comes home drained and silent.

Gabe is a wonderful son and a blessing to me. I am thankful everyday for the gift that God chose to give me--33 years ago today.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Gabe!


Nancy said...

What a wonderful affirmation and testimony to Gabe. Our family would not be the same without him.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Happy Birthday!

gabe said...

Thanks, nice photo by the by.

Cynthia said...

He's definitely one of a kind:)

Deb said...

Happy Birthday, Gabe! (by the by I have always just loved the name Gabe). I will never forget him the day his baby sis got married. I always wanted a big brother who'd love me like that! So sweet.