Monday, December 14, 2009


The reason that they have you sign up weeks to months in advance for these marathons and half-marathons is that if you commit that far in advance----it seems like a REALLY GOOD IDEA! Oh these race director are SLY FOXES----sign up now registration is limited! ; registration will close 4 weeks before event (Minimum); 99% full registration-last chance. So--you put you name on the dotted line and for a MEASLY $75-$200 they will LET you run 13.1-26.2 miles! MY AREN'T THEY NICE!

Many of our group decided WEEKS ago that we would run the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon this year. You know go over as a group----stay in the hotel in adjoining rooms----eat together--see Dallas Christmas lights together---eat together----run together----eat together. WELL it didn't exactly work out like that! We did have a small group of 5---but that's OK---we did all of the above anyway.

You do have to understand--when it comes to race day there is no running together---it is every woman for themselves. I must say though when you run with 20,000 other close and intimate friends, it becomes more like running in a parade. At anytime that you could see for 1/4 to 1/2 a mile in front of you---it was a wave of people moving down the road. QUITE A SIGHT!

The race itself was a bit of a disappointment. Not much crowd support along the route, some dis-organization, and not the run you were promised. It seems someone in Texas might not be capable of telling the truth---we were promised a FLAT course. In case you did not realize it-there ARE hills in Dallas---LONG SLOW CLIMBING hills- which we DO NOT LIKE! Lots of concrete ====sore knees. I plan to tell the Dallasites they could take lessons from the Houstonians.

A good time-----my time was exactly where I wanted it and the others also had a good race---so a fast---but fun 2 days!


Marylou said...

I haven't done many "big" races, but would be interested to do others! I like White Rock, but I think my year was different. There were lots of people out in the neighborhoods supporting! What a shame this year wasn't the same. But I agree with you about the hills....brutual in those neighborhoods.

Olson Family said...

ditto. I agree with your assessment of the race!!!! Disappointing.