Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Do Birds Have Christmas?

On a chilly Christmas morn, as I looked out the window

at a crystal coat of frost on the Mulberry tree,

I saw a sudden movement, like a darting shadow,

that quickly transformed, into a happy Chickadee.

A thought crossed my mind, as I watched this little friend.

Could I learn the truth, from a fine-feathered brother?

If the Chickadee could talk, my ear he would bend.

Do you birds have Christmas, or is this day just another?

I watched, and listened, for action and sound

.Suddenly, a Brown Creeper, diving with speed

halted its plunge, a foot from the ground

,to peck at some old suet covered with seed.

More tiny friends appeared, to my delight.

The tree filled with blacks, reds and yellows

as Goldfinch and Cardinals arrived in a flight

.Do birds have Christmas? Tell me, little fellows.

Some Juncos flew in, these darts of slate.

They were hopping and jumping like children at recess,

feeding on seeds with the ground as their plate

.Do they know of Christmas? I can only guess.

I pushed close to the window with my forehead,

as nuthatches and woodpeckers joined in the throng.

All colors of feathers, white, black, yellow and red.

Each different, but the same, all getting along


I sneaked open the window, and heard them all sing,

At last to my mind came all the right words.

It was as clear as their chorus, a choir on the wing.

Birds don’t have Christmas, Christmas has birds!

By Mick Zerr, Christmas morning, 2005

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Anonymous said...

Man----You know I've told you a million times how impressed I am with your writing skills.....I was REALLY impressed with the poem....I was thinking--Good Night...she outdid herself this time...then I saw you didn't write that particular poem....(but you could have if it had not already been written....I love your writings!!) HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY...From one who loves you bunches and bunches!!!