Thursday, December 3, 2009


For the FIRST time in my ENTIRE life, I just cannot get it going to decorate for Christmas. In years past, I have usually gone OVER THE TOP! This year I have not EVEN gotten out ONE BOX of decorations. I don't have the desire, the want to or even the compulsion to conform.

Perhaps it is the fact that no one will be home for Christmas and I don't have any parties planned here. No-that has never stopped me in the past. We have had other Christmases with no kids or grands coming home. Perhaps it is the fact that BC-once again said, "Hire someone to decorate". For some strange reason, I always take this as an indication that my efforts are not up to par. I am not sure what the reason-but unless some miracle of attitude transformation occurs-there will be NO decorations here this year.

If you happen to LOVE decorating, and take pity on me----COME ON OVER-I could use a LOT of HELP!

I did go and volunteer today with my ESL student at one of the local elementary schools. She is PRECIOUS and SO wanting to do well. Now if I had her sweet little face to look at every day---there would be a tree up-just for her!


SND said...

Hey, I have decorated 4 Christmas trees this season. I will be glad to help you put one up!!! You need a tree at least!

Anonymous said...

How much would Bobby charge?!

Marylou said...

Maybe just one baby tree that would make you feel better? One of those that stood on the table or something? That way, you can have a little Christmas cheer in the house, but don't have to spend hours taking it down :)

Cynthia said...

Ironically, I was ready to put up my tree before Thanksgiving! That never happens! I'm currently watching a friend tackle with his Christmas lights and I am singing praises that I made the decision to buy a prelit tree last year! It was a wise investment:)

Deb said...

I feel like this most years, but the "rents" are coming this year so I felt like getting stuff out early.