Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We all get SO wrapped up in the holidays at this time of the year, but yesterday I was reminded that not all do. SIL Carol pictured above has had a re-occurrence of cancer this year. She is once again going through chemo.

My sweet niece, Elisha, called a couple of nights ago and asked would I take Carol to Shreveport for her day after chemo shot yesterday. I was delighted that she called and asked. Twenty four hours after Carol receives her chemo, she goes back for a shot to raise her blood counts quicker. This shot causes extreme aches and pains since it sends your bone marrow into over-drive. So after a day of IV chemo which assaults the cancer cells and also has MANY side effects including extreme nausea, you go back for this fun shot.

If you have never been to a cancer center, it is quite the experience. Basically they have these recliners all around in a circle where they administer your IV. The nurses station is right there so they can monitor many patients at the same time. There are also private rooms, if you prefer or if you are having problems, but the majority of the patients are in one large room.

As I looked around the room at all the patients and their support person, I was reminded that for many the Holiday excitement takes a distant second to some crisis in their lives. The Nurses are unfailingly cheerful, upbeat and supportive, but we all know what is going on there. It is a fight to insure seeing the next Christmas. It is very serious business.

So I came away reminded of how much I admire those that are waging this battle and especially at this time of the year. It makes running around and shopping and decorating and being totally stressed seem a little bit ridiculous. Anyway I am thankful that God placed this opportunity in my path to remind me of my priorities and continue to draw me closer. So as you run around in sheer panic, stop and take a moment-remember what is important and those in our lives that are important. So what if the tree is not up, so what if the presents are not bought much less wrapped, so what if all the plans are not made-----there are MUCH MORE important things in our lives. Take a moment and reflect on your Blessings and then smell the roses-FOR THEY ARE PLANTED ALL AROUND YOU---If you only stop and gaze upon their beauty and deeply inhale their scent!


Anonymous said...

Makes you realize what's important in life, doesn't it???

I'm FINALLY able to get back into your blog!!


Anonymous said...

amen to that sister. We get so involved in getting just the right shape tree and decorating - we forget the real meaning and why we are here.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

Too true.

Ann Miller said...

thank you for taking carol!! i can't imagine how much it means to noel and the girls that you are able to do that. you brought tears, not just to my eyes, but all the way down my cheeks!! i love you!!

SND said...

Good blog, my friend!!! Indeed we need to stop and smell the roses.

Anonymous said...

Last year with Marty's wreck brought home the realization that each day is a blessing from above! I am blessed by family and friends and pray each day I will or can make a difference.

Deb said...

I know Carol was so glad you could go and help out. I wish I could go to Sloan with Lori. We need to keep praying for the cure to this cruel, evil disease!