Saturday, September 11, 2010


Currently it is 2:22 AM on Saturday AM----I am WIDE awake with my head spinning with thoughts. THE CURSE OF OLD AGE! I have a LOT going on right now with Henry & his Momma here and our college adoptee, Meriedth living with us. Book Club is meeting here Tuesday night and I am in charge of the discussion of our current pick. I am teaching Bible study Wednesday night. I have begun tutoring my ESL student again and she is struggling. We are planning for a trip to Erie for Baby Dos, bringing Baby Dos & Family home to Louisiana, taking Baby Dos & family back to PA. The eventual move South-HOPEFULLY for Baby Dos'es family in the Spring. The Grands and a house in Austin we need to go visit. A LARGE project for the ministry to CSE that needs to be planned SOON! A couple of talks to write for groups about the ministry at CSE. I CAN'T SLEEP---TOO MUCH TO DO AND TOO LITTLE TIME. That is just my activities------ then there are the thoughts about life-friends with problems, problems in general------I am about to sign off this and go reread II Chronicles 20.-----I need to remind myself to put my "Eyes upon Him"


Deb said...

Wow, your plate is very full and there is no doubt in my mind God will give you the strength and the grace to complete all you want to do because it is all to His glory that you do it what you do.

Anonymous said...

You make me so tired...just listening to all you have to do!!
But I know you will get all this done and no one will have any clue how hard you worked since you make everything seem so effortless.

Luh Ya!! Goosie

Anonymous said...

me thinks you need to learn the word no thank you.