Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My usual running partner, Larry, has been out of action quite a bit lately. This finds me with a difficult decision-----run alone or TRY to run with the rabbits in our group. Although I am not fearful-ever- of running alone, it's probably not a good idea for several reasons. We are seen better in the dark of the morning when we are in a group, if something were to happen (as it occasionally does) you have someone to help you, and it's just safer to be with a partner. I have run a couple of times alone, but the fast rabbits in the group have taken pity upon me. This AM Sandra ran with me the first 2 1/2 miles----and was going to meet me after I made about another mile loop. There was one of the streets I have to cross completely blocked off-chain link fences--concrete abutments---the whole 9 yards. I ended up entering a maze of sorts that dead ended at a concrete abutment. I was really quite graceful when I climbed that --(SINCE NO ONE WAS WITH ME YOU HAVE TO TAKE MY WORD FOR IT)! I ended up adding a few blocks to get around the barricades. Sandra was patiently looking for me and came upon Mike-our ultra run friend. Mike sprinted into action and caught up with me.
ALL THIS to say----I tried to keep up with Sandra (to no avail-but kept her in sight) the first 2 1/2 miles and the last 1 1/2 mile I am with Speedy Gonzales. I am working hard-FOR ME--and my time is the best it has been in a LONG time. I am not back to where I had gotten to in the Spring---but I am working on it.
Perhaps "Chasing Rabbits" is not such a bad idea----as long as the rabbits are not leading you in circles!

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Anonymous said...

I prefer just dreaming of chasing rabbits.

Chrome Cowgirl