Saturday, August 18, 2012


I have a confession to make----it does my heart good to turn over and look at that alarm clock at 4:45---and realize---IT'S RAINING!!!  OH--the shear thrill---the elation---to know   I can TURN OVER AND GO BACK TO SLEEP----no guilt trip---no tossing and turning covered in the heavy weight of shame.  Just
blissful--heavenly sleep--during those hours that we ALL know we sleep the best!  There was a time in my
life that I felt the need to rise and run---no matter WHAT the weather---rain/shine/swelter/or snow----I was up and at it.  THANKFULLY---I GOT OVER THAT!!!  

How many times have I run when it was so cold that the sweat froze on the back of my shirt---THAT IS COLD!  How many times has it been so cold that my hands were numb until I got home in the hot shower to thaw out.  BUT---I will say I am not complaining---I will take the cold over the heat ANY DAY!

In case you are NOT an early morning exerciser---let me explain the conditions to you---for some reason--while it is still dark---the humidity is often held down CLOSE to the ground by the cloud cover---OR WHATEVER .  It is TRULY like running in a sauna.  In case you have never run in a sauna---the air is so heavy with moisture--that you have a difficult time pulling in enough to keep going---GASPING would be a lack luster way to describe the gut wrenching-toenail pulling-hyper-ventilating struggle to get enough of that wet air into your lungs so it can go to your heart---.  It is just NO FUN!

WHY WHY WHY am I driven to keep running---so I won't jump off the cliff--or go over the edge---to keep those happy endorphins flowing----in short---it keeps me sane!  Coming from a LONG LINE of depressed people---I discovered a LONG time ago---running would lift the cloud---make it all OKAY...SO FOREST----I RUN!

After ALL these years of pounding the pavement---I do more walking now---only running 3 days a week and walking in between---NOW still putting in 5 miles + each time we go out--and longer on the weekend-just trying to keep at it till I finally keel over hopefully in a full run someday.  BUT on those days that I roll over and hear that rain---it's like VACATION---SNOW DAY---HOLIDAY---all wrapped into one.  I LOVE IT!

Where am I headed with this----this AM I get a text from "The Flash"--rain is coming this way are you going--I text "Short BUT Strong" and she says--I'm up---I watch the weather---SO SO FUNNY GOD---the rain is all over Shreveport an hour west---but the closer it gets to us---it just disappears.  SO we get up--we run--we walk---we make about 7 miles.   NOW IT'S NOT JUST RAINING BUT POURING-

ARE YOU UP THERE SNICKERING GOD????---Something tells me You are!

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