Friday, August 10, 2012


My sweet brothers---and there I am in the middle----as always!  If you comment about who is the oldest-----you will be blocked from the blog!  Robbie---the oldest---LOVES to meet a stranger when we are together and ask them "Who do you think is older?"  He is SO FUNNY!

Noel--the baby---ALWAYS was Momma's Baby---but I understand now since Camille will ALWAYS be my baby and helps to clarify why my Daddy's Mother and his siblings always called him "Baby".  It's a "Family Thing"----I finally understand!

It's not always easy being in the middle--but I would not trade them for anything!  They are sweet and supportive and they are---well they are My Brothers!  Robbie told me one time that I was "The Shepherd" of the family.  I looked at him and responded 'I don't remember applying for that job!"  It just happens----it's a birth order--gender thing.  I want us to be a family---I deeply love them and their families and would do anything for them.

We have had our share of family drama---illnesses---deaths---marriages---babies---LIFE!  So BLESSED to be on the "James Team" together!  Life is still hard---lots going on --Noel's wife is very ill----but what would it be if we didn't have each other?  We understand each other and know "Where we came from"---helps to explain who we are!

On a more serious note---I HATE to be the one to report that a CERTAIN Federal Judge could NEVER resist hitting me EVERY TIME he walked by me until he left for college!  Now HIS SIDE of the story is that I would just yell "MOMMA---he hit me!"  with NO reason--just to see him get in trouble.  Perhaps I MIGHT have done that once or twice---but I am CERTAIN he was sitting there planning his next punch--so I just beat him to the punch!  I am happy to say the physical abuse ended once we went to college---but his childish WHOOPS--I meant childlike humor remains in tact!

LOVE my brothers!

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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear of Noel's wife's illness. Will pray for her! Good to see y'all together, and so close and supportive of one another.

Warmest Regards,
Susan Post Key