Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is my niece-by-marriage (she married my nephew), Jessica. Jessica is the teacher in the 4th grade English class that I tutor for. I was thinking today after I left, she is definitely one of the "Heroes" in my world. When I worked, I was a CPA. I was rewarded very adequately for what I did and sold the practice I had grown when I got ready to retire. Jessica, and the legions like her go to work EVERY DAY and have a profound effect, not only on the children they teach, but in the future of our city, our state, our nation and the world. They are sorely underpaid---but unselfishly give of their time and talents to better our world. Her job is not an easy job. This is an "At Risk" school----this means the students often have difficult home lives, there are discipline problems, there is little outside support---the problems are legion. Yet she and her team of 4th grade teachers--show up everyday and do their jobs---AND DO THEM WELL. I have been a first hand witness to what their job entails and the superb job they are doing of over coming obstacles and doing the very best job possible with the circumstances they find themselves. My Heroes---TEACHERS----I never really truly appreciated what they do until I stepped across that thresh hold and participated in their world. THANK YOU---to ALL you teachers!

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Anonymous said...

you are right! i was a substitute teacher when i first moved to thibodaux and was TERRIBLE!! but i had to do it b/c we had nooo $$$. i thank God that he blessed those with the talent to do such a great job!!