Saturday, April 30, 2011


We all like to be recognized by those around us. Recognition can be good but can also be a bad thing. Is there anything worse than walking into a room full of people and NO ONE speaks to you or seems to know who you are? You feel as if everyone in the room has a friend---but you! The more we get out and around---the more we will be recognized by others.

Today was the annual SOCA 5K that the LA Tech Architecture Department sponsors. Basically we run through one of the areas of Ruston that is at the lower end of the economic scale. This area is a feeder for the school where I volunteer. Students are drawn from other areas of Ruston, but all of these students are bussed to Cypress Springs.

As we ran around the area, many were out in their yards or on their porches greeting us and encouraging our running. It was the best part of the entire run---greeting and being greeted by the area residents.

As Sheila & I ran by one of the houses, there was a school age girl and her mother out in the front yard waving to all of us. All of a sudden the little girl says,

"That OLD lady comes to our school!"

Sheila and I both cracked up. She immediately said, "Blogging Material". NOW the reason we do not want to run with another, is if you don't tell the story on yourself---they WILL!


Gabriele Agustini said...

Oh! That is too funny!!!!
You crack me up!!
Good for you for running!
Loved this post. :)

adrian seney said...

HaHa!! That's the best! Keep it up, "old lady!!!" Love you :)

Anonymous said...

It was too funny not to tell. No one recognized me.

Chrome Cowgirl