Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am not sure HOW to tell all my friends in Erie--that your weather is HORRIBLE! I know you probably love it here and don't think a thing in the world about it, BUT as a Southern girl through and through----I just don't know how you take it! At home it is warm and we are planting our gardens. It is cold and wet and not very pleasant here. It reminds me of Seattle--but colder. I guess that has something to do with being near the water and probably near the same latitude. ANYWAY---you should consider having a second home and living down South with us until about May and then come back up here until about November. You would LOVE our warmth!

We are busy people here---but the happening of the day was Henry falling while playing at the Y and busting his lip. Fortunately I had Elliot home with me-so his Momma had to only deal with getting him home. He has quite the puffy and cut lip---but he's all boy and will survive. He was going strong tonight when The Ackley's came over for dinner with us.

While they were here and I was listening to the sounds of the children playing and families visiting, I was reminded of my growing up years. We would have company and the kids would get wound up and play until we almost dropped. The adults pretty much ignored us as long as we played and stayed out of their way. It was a warm memory of good times growing up.

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Hannah Lee said...

I am glad yall are having fun, but I know you miss your warmth. I would too!