Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Camille sent me a message that God wanted me to write down all that I was thankful for----that would take weeks---but here is a small sample-

3 wonderful, sweet, tender-hearted children that were the best gifts from God that I ever received

2 wonderful, sweet, tender-hearted children by marriage that were God's gifts to our family and the perfect spouses for my children

4 perfect-sweet-smart-good-looking and WELL above average grandsons-that always make me smile when I think of them

An extended family and family by marriage that have blessed me and loved me--warts and all!

More friends than I can list-that have prayed for me-loved me well-sat with me-cooked for me-worked with me-listened to me and stood by me---through thick and thin.

A beautiful home, food on my table, a car to drive and all the material possessions that I could possibly ever want or need.

The beauty of the sunrise and the sunset--

The fragrance and joy of a world filled with flora and fauna--that takes my breath away

The lick of a puppy and purr of a cat---the joy of seeing the deer on the side of the road in the early morning--the startle of the fox --and the wary glance of the raccoon--to name just a few

Grass under my bare feet

Digging in the dirt/painting a room/cooking a meal

Work that I love and that stimulates my brain

Creative ideas and the fun of seeing them come to life

A long hot shower after a long sweaty run

The memories of sweet parents, grandparents, friends and loved ones that have gone on before

The hug of a friend--the warmth of that embrace

A good book to read

Trips gone by and trips to come

A Book to live by

The hope of an eternal future

A Spirit to lead me and comfort me

A God that is beyond any man's comprehension to know or explain


I have listed a few and spoken them out loud--

Good suggestion, Camille----I will spend the next few days---looking at all things different and thanking God for His goodness and perfection

Life is good---even in the desert

AND I will glorify His Name!

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