Saturday, September 10, 2011


I have often heard that the antidote for a poison could be as treacherous as the poison itself, but I believe I am now truly experiencing this very phenomena!

After an emotionally and physically exhausting week-beginning last Friday with a drive to Fort Worth and back, I have spent the week in a whirlwind. I LOVED having my children and grands with me, but it also reminds me of how truly alone I am when the house is empty again. My solution to aloneness and loneliness has taken the turn toward busyness. I must admit-I might be a slightly driven person to begin with, but that drive goes into overdrive when I am alone.

I find myself volunteering for any and all projects that may come across my path. Want your kitchen painted--I'm your woman--need a babysitter-just give me a call--want a meal cooked for 20--sure-I have nothing else to do. Just a small example of the things I end up doing.

The kids left Thursday AM and went into pick it all up mode before leaving for work. I left work and ran by the grocery store I cooked chili for the work crew of 20 Thursday night and early Friday AM and put together all the fixings to boot. I volunteered to help a co-worker who is great with child at 4 PM yesterday with an accounting problem and ended up working until 6. I flew home and unloaded all the dirty dishes, changed clothes and took off to Arcadia to help paint my sweet niece's kitchen. At after 10:30, I all of a sudden felt a drop in energy and loaded myself in my car for the drive back home. Upon walking into my quiet home, I noticed the counter full of dirty chili dishes---SOOOOO------

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH ME??????--I can't seem to sit still and even read a book anymore----more later--I need to go clean house and paint picture frames and hang pictures and weed the flower bed-----


Anonymous said...

Jesus went off alone to be with His Father,to recharge ,if you will. We need these lulls as He did. So embrace and even make time for lulls. Then go back to your wide open self, in His strength. Prayers, Mike

Gabe said...

Jump into one of your books.

Anonymous said...

how about a trip to thibodaux??

jackie said...

How about visiting an old friend!