Friday, July 22, 2011


I recently found a couple of turtles walking around the yard. Their homes on their backs they had lost their way and were, as only turtles can, slowly taking one step after another searching for the trail home.---The first one was trapped in the garage. For the life of him, he could not determine how to get back on his trail in the woods. He had his face to the wall and was plowing forward--only not getting anywhere. The other one was out in the open--and he too was lost---but he was not at a dead end--he had turned and though he was still lost and searching for his trail to the woods--he was making progress because he kept taking the next step.

So it is with we human beings. We have the shell of a building around us that we call home, but the home is not the building---the home is where we are and the building is merely the shell on our backs. We can chose to put our face to the wall and not turn right or left and never find the way back home or we can chose to make that turn and search for the path that is placed before us. Sometimes the path is rocky, long, and lonely--a steep climb back out of the valley, but if we continue to put one foot in front of the other, we will eventually find the sunlight at the top of the mountain.

This beautiful shell I have lived in for 27 years is a house. What made it a home was the family that lived within the walls and the loved ones that floated in and out of the doors. It will be extremely difficult to walk out of that front door for the last time. I take great comfort in the knowledge that a young family with children will once again fill it up. That is how it should be-this house was made for a family and should be filled with the laughter of children and their moms and dads. The house will be glad to be filled once again.

I will move to a new shell and begin to build a new nest and it will be fine. It will take some time, but I will slowly but surely begin to build a home once again. As I dig in the dirt, hang pictures, and laugh with family and friends--it too shall be a home.

So for today, I am full of mixed emotions about this move. Who would not be--we grow accustomed to our shells--they are familiar and full of memories-both good and bad. That's what made them our homes, but the memories are in my heart-not in the shell and they will ever stay with me. I chose to be just like that turtle that was lost-only I will not put my face to the wall--I will turn and keep moving forward-knowing I will once again find my home.


Mother Goose said...

Lora, I love you and I will help you find your way!!!

Anonymous said...

I will too Lora. Such truth- our hearts are the homes and memories are God's gift to us. I have so many memories and I treasure them as do you. I love the turtle story and we are all turtles trying to find our way home some choose wisely and Godly ways and others do not. I know you choose Godly.

louisianagal said...

Wow, I love the way you put things in perspective. This is so true. I know that you are seeking God's guidance and He will lead you to where He wants you to be. Wherever you go, Loralu, you will be His light and inspiration to so many people. I have the memories of the house that I grew up in and they do stay with you forever. It's always hard to let go of these things that make our memories, but there is something much greater and grander in store for you. Love you, my friend.