Friday, July 1, 2011


As to the car shopping story---

I made my rounds and finally came upon a young man in Shreveport that I thought I could deal with. He gave me a cash price (no trade) for the car I was looking at. There was a rebate---but he told me they would keep the rebate. The price was actually a good price to begin with--but I walked out and told him I would think about it.

That night I texted him and said, "I will pay your price, but I keep the rebate". He told me he would check with his manager the next AM and let me know. Fine. In a couple of hours, he texts me back and said he called the manager at home and I could get the car for that deal. Relieved!

The next morning he calls me first thing--his boss had been a little fuzzy (cocktail hour?) on which car I was looking at and he could not sell it to me for that price, BUT they would sell it at their invoice and they keep the rebate. OK--they need to make a living and I said I'll come get it.

Sweet Friend, Mona, drives me to Shreveport to pick it up. The young man says I have good news---20 minutes ago they released another $500 rebate and you get the benefit. SO I bought the car for $500 below dealer's cost.

I then start thinking about selling my car. I mention that to my friends Sheila and Sonja while running and that I am nervous about test riding with people I don't know. They talk it over and decide that I should park it at Sonja's (Main Hwy) and her husband will do the riding with them. I take it over mid morning yesterday. At 5 PM friend Sandra calls and says, "I think Don (husband) wants your car and we are on our way to look at it.

LONG story short----I have a new vehicle for a GREAT price and I have sold my vehicle in 3 days time. As I relayed this story to Barbara, I told her that I had been sitting on the couch thinking "I CAN'T DO ALL OF THIS!" and BOOM all of this happens. She reminded me that God wants us on the couch-defeated so we will KNOW that HE is indeed our provision---



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the Jennings secede from the South said...

That is wonderful. He is such a good provider!

Anonymous said...

God is !!!! Little ways and big ways He is our provider. Funny how we think we are driving this car