Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Dear Lorie,

The others that read this blog-will be puzzled by this letter-but you always have to follow the comments as well as the blog to get the entire story. You would never read a sentence with the first few words and the last few--there might be important nuances in the middle that completely change the meaning. So it is with a blog--I am replying to two comments and this is the means I have to do that-so read on or go back and look at the comments and understand all--or just go to the next blog you read.

I'm afraid you have found me in a desert time in life. I take back my comment--I am a Saint--but only because of Jesus. He has put a robe of righteousness on my shoulders and He has presented me as fit to the Father. I am a Saint in a mortal body with human weaknesses. I do spend time every day in the Word and God is faithfully revealing over and over His truths.

Recently he pointed me to read through Ezekiel and I thought why in the world at this point in life would He want that. I then read through the section on our responsibility for the sinner and the conviction of guilt if we do not call them to repentance. I gasped--that was the entire reason and the timing was perfect.

I spend time in Psalms everyday and over and over-I am amazed at the timelessness of the words. I read the books as God directs and I am amazed at the applicability of the wisdom. My journal is full of prayers, cries to God, pleading, and recognition that His will is best. Over and over God has revealed not only in His word, but in day to day living just what I needed to know at that perfect time.

The most important thing I have learned during this difficult season is it is not about me----it is all about Him. I am the reflection of God and His Glory here on this Earth. My actions and reactions are being viewed and observed by those He has placed around me. My life is a living testament to His grace, love and provision. I am endeavoring to remember that others are influenced by how I respond and live even through trials.

I am sorry you did not go up and introduce yourself to Camille. She is pure joy and one of God's greatest gifts to me. Such a heart for God----He has to be well pleased! To know her is to love her and we are all blessed to be a part of her life.

Yes, I know Camille misses Erie and your lovely summers and her sweet and precious friends. It is miserably hot here-especially this summer. Fortunately in Texas they do not have the humidity that we contend with in Louisiana AND HURRAH for Air Conditioning!

If you would like to continue our conversation privately, email me at I always welcome wisdom from another Believer.

Still working on Sainthood-


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Anonymous said...

I am a reader from Erie of your blog and I love it and I have NO IDEA what the HECK you are talking about!! LOL