Sunday, July 10, 2011


I finally had to leave Texas and all my sweet children and grandchildren. It was TOUGH pulling out of that drive in Austin---especially after Gabe had pulled me into a tight squeeze next to Scott's truck. Stopped on my way out for gas and a quick car wash and then down the road I go. I like my quiet time for reflecting upon life, but too much alone time can also pull you down and make the trip seem like an eternity. Helen had given me a book on CD "King's Cross". It is excellent and requires deep thought and chewing it over time. I have almost finished it. That and turning up the radio and singing along helped break up the trip.

Once I got to Waco, I had to fight the steering wheel to turn toward Ruston and not keep headed North to Fort Worth. It does come a time to let your kids live their lives and return to the reality of mine.

With THAT SAID---it was a WONDERFUL week and I am blessed to have such wonderful kids and grandkids. We ALL had a GREAT time!


Bethany said...

Glad you had a great time with your family! And I love listening to books while driving, it really helps make the long drives more enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Time with the grandbabies sure fills your heart! My sister is suffering her kids and grandbabies moving to NC and leaving her in Erie. She just put her house up for sale and may be joining them. Yes, your kids need to be free to live their lives, but there is NO reason why you can't be living your life closer to them! Put it in God's hands and take the risk! You and Camille are an inspiration of truly strong, godly women. Bless you both!