Friday, July 29, 2011


I am buying a house contingent upon me selling this house. This house is being sold contingent upon the buyer selling their house. Life is just full of contingencies. The first business law I studied began with contract law and all of the contingencies that contracts can be filled with.

I began thinking about this and was reminded of the book that Sheila loaned me and I just finished (I PROMISE to return it). A GREAT book, UNBROKEN, is the story of a World War II Bomber who was ditched in the Pacific Ocean-spent weeks on a raft surrounded by sharks in the Pacific-spent an eternity as a Japanese prisoner of war in horrible conditions only to survive and make it back to the states. Then his life was permanently marked by the unbelievable conditions he had lived in and took a downward spiral that you found difficult to believe.

BUT the book is about redemption---except you don't get to the redemption until almost the end of the book. He went to a Billy Graham crusade--and remembered his promise to God and the contingent clause of "If you save me"--- We all are prone to making promises and all with contingent clauses----If you do this---THEN I will. After his conversion, God used him in a mighty way for the remainder of his life and ALL for God's glory.

Yesterday as I was having my quiet time--I was reminded that Heaven is FULL of wonderful treasure. God is just waiting for us to turn to Him and then He will open the door for the flood to rain down. The treasure is not material possessions or human relationships--the treasure is the fruits of the spirit--joy-peace-love---
A treasure beyond compare. If we could just learn to depend upon His perfect plan----allow Him to be our provider---then the treasure will be heaped upon us and our cup will be filled and over flowing----AND we don't have to make any promises---just have faith and seek Him.

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Peggy said...

Amen and amen.