Sunday, October 31, 2010


I am posting on Camille's old laptop-so limited pictures SORRY!

What is involved in a typical day of taking care of The Jennings Family?

My day starts with getting up with H when he awakens around 6. His Mom & Dad sleep until the next feeding time around 8 or so since they are the ones missing sleep at night. This is our special time of the day with no one else around. One of the things we did this morning was sit on the couch and listen to the train-somewhere far away. It was a sweet 30 minutes.
We looked out the window at the dark and talked about Dada's canoe and truck and listened for the train whistle. When I listened I put my hand behind my ear and said, "Listen". He quickly picked up on that and spent the remainder of the day-putting his hand behind his ear and saying something like "Listen".

The first thing we do every AM is play with the train in his room before coming down and fixing his breakfast. We then just PLAY! Once Dada gets up-I usually get busy. We all take turns changing MANY diapers a day and most of the time changing Baby Bubba's clothes a few times-between wet and spitting up. I pick up the house-several times a day, wash 3-4 loads of laundry, prepare all the meals, do the housekeeping and PLAY and ROCK!

Tonight we had one of Camille's favorite meals---Meat loaf, smothered squash & onions, & smashed potatoes. I am sorting H's clothes slowly but surely to weed out things he has out-grown--SOMETIMES after the trail & error of putting something too small on him. I have been cleaning out the kitchen cabinets. I have started raking the yard-but not gotten very far-since H requires LOTS of attention.

Camille has one LARGE project for me to do---we haven't even managed to begin it yet! Don't know how I will get it done and the yard. I could use some help with the leaf pick up & yard work if anyone from Erie has any suggestions. I have used a couple of local co's in the past that I thought WAY over-charged and the last one didn't fulfill all he promised. Also need someone to cut a tree that is dead.

IT IS COLD IN ERIE! I didn't come prepared for it to be THIS COLD!

By the way----Baby Bubba is a SWEET BABY!


The Tylers said...

You have made me tired by reading this! I remember those days and it almost seems like yesterday. As hard as it may be, those sweet boys will be so close and have so much fun. Enjoy them so!!

Deb said...

Wow...sorry you are cold. Call Anne Luddy Deluca and ask her if she knows anyone good. She is very nice and lived there her entire life....tell her Debbie Wells said she'd know. She had some nephews....not sure they still live in Erie tho.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

you are a rockstar grandma!!!!! i don't know WHAT we'd do!!!