Sunday, October 24, 2010


Occasionally flying---it proves HIGH LARIOUS----

On the last leg of our journey, I sat by Angelina---quite by accident-since BC offered to change seats with her as a courtesy (LONG STORY). Angelina is a native of Venezuela, was an engineer now living in Chicago who had been in New York working. She was on her way to Erie for her friend's, from Panama, wedding. We struck up a conversation and let me preface this with the statement that she had already begun the celebration. After a short lead in-this is the conversation--please speak all of Angelina's lines with a strong Latino accent for the FULL effect

A- When I discovered that my stay in New York would not end in time to fly back to Chicago for the wedding, I was in a panic. I called my friend from Chicago and told her to go to my house and get the dress that I was wearing to the wedding and the wedding gift. Wrap the wedding gift and ship them all to the bride in Erie.

Me- That was smart.

A- Yes-but my friend, the bride, called me and said, 'You gave me a dress as a wedding gift? And not just a dress--but a used dress in the cleaner's bag.'

Me-Laughing--She thought you had sent her the dress--WHY?

A-Well my friend who shipped the dress had wrapped it inside the luggage I got for a wedding gift, so it was all wrapped up.


Then we land and I think we are bidding adieu.

She opens her purse and holds up one black 4 " heel.

A-Oh Yes, she also shipped the other black shoe in the luggage. When I asked my friend to send the shoes, she could only find one. So I looked in my suitcase in New York and there was the other one.


A-My Chicago friend told me that I was in New York and I could go buy a pair of shoes, but I told her I am going to dance the night away and need these good looking, but comfortable shoes.

OK---so the friend had put the dress in the cleaner's bag and one black high heel shoe into the luggage which was a wedding gift and gift wrapped the whole thing and shipped it.

By this time I was laughing so hard that the entire plane was turning and looking and BC is quite envious of my really great time.

We get off the plane, and there stands the bride's brother holding a sign with Angelina's name waiting to whisk her off to a great weekend. WHY DON'T I EVER GET INVITED TO THESE KIND OF REALLY FUN WEDDINGS!

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Deb said...

LOL! How hysterical and for the answer to your question about wedding invitations....cuz you are not Hispanic, Greek, Italian or Irish...AND you don't live in Erie. The ethnic weddings are always fun.