Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have added an additional student to my tutoring. It's definitely a God thing! I worked with this young lady one day when my student was absent. It was so evident that she was smart---but for some reason struggling-at times in school. I could not get her out of my mind or off of my heart for days after our session. I spoke with her teacher and my SIL who has some big title at school about her. We came up with a plan and so I went for my first official session with her.

The first session was quite eventful----she was absent from school. Upon further investigation it turns out that she was suspended for fighting. NOW this is a paradox. This young lady is built a lot like I am----we are not cut out to be fighters. She is painfully shy around me and I have to ask her to repeat much of what she says. I laughingly tell her I am old and deaf. She hangs her head and her eyes are down most of the time. FIGHTING? Something is going on here.

Today I went back for another first session. I told her that I was working with her because she was so smart. That I wanted to see her do really well in school and knew she could be a top student. We worked for about 30 minutes rewriting a paragraph she was assigned. In truth, I did a lot of the suggesting today--but that will change as she grows to know me better.

Her principal told me perhaps I needed to "Lay Hands On Her". I said ---I will do just that or anything else to help her realize her potential.

"Red and yellow, black and white--they are precious in His sight."

Meanwhile my other student has been moved to another group for her classes. Hopefully she will receive more assistance in the new classes. I am now tutoring her Monday after school and Tuesday during school. The teacher asked me to help her with writing a 3 paragraph composition. When I read the last one she did, she did not use complete sentences. We have started from square one--writing a sentence AND THEN start putting them together to form paragraphs. I have worked with this student for over a year now. She is ESL---so the struggle is huge since English is not spoken at home and she is the oldest of 7 siblings.

Did you EVER stop to think about he obstacles SO MANY face in getting an education? IT IS DAUNTING to say the least.

LEAP TEST is in April----WOW---so much to do and so little time!


Anonymous said...

Seriously, you are so nice. I just wanted to throw my two cents in and say that. I also know that is just the least of it, you are many other things as well but you are just so very darn NICE. It is inspiring to hear of your tutoring.
(A reader from Erie)

The Tylers said...

What a blessing you are to those students!! And I know you feel blessed, too! I wish we had more adults with your heart Mrs. Lora.