Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We have had an unusually cold and "wet" winter here in North LA. Today's forecast is for snow and ice. This has sent the hordes into panic mode. They sent the children home from school at noon----EVEN THOUGH-it was only raining. They have called off school for tomorrow already---BECAUSE the Weather Man says it is going to snow and be cold. NOW WE ALL know how correct his forecasts can be. The grocery store was "No Room Parking" in anticipation of the grocery need.

NOW LET'S SEE---it should be above freezing by Friday and in the 60's by Sunday----BUT with the 1-3 inches snow that "MIGHT" fall---we may need a couple of weeks of provisions.

Having been in Erie during the winter months a few times----I see that the "Northerners take it all in stride". They have snow plows----they have salt---they have snow tires and snow blowers. It is their winter sort of like our summer is to us---we just live with it. I will say that though they continue to drive---I'm not sure they should be. They seem to think this gives license to sliding through red lights and stop signs. It would send a shiver up the spine of a demolition derby driver. BUT they cope!

It's totally out of the norm for us and we are not prepared---so we do the best we can for the day or so of "Winter Weather". Wonder what they would do in Erie if it was hovering around 100 degrees with 90+% humidity for a week.

It's ALL what you get used to living with!

New Recipe tonight---check it out .

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Anonymous said...

we did remind dad recently about a time when we were "snowed" in. we had to park at the top of the road, of course. he made us walk up to the car and brave the roads, so that we could go to the holiday inn for dinner. priorities...
the days of snow preparation did condition me for hurricane preparation. it's a similar concept here, except everyone's stocking up on wine!!

ann miller