Monday, November 22, 2010


What could possibly be the reason that we have no more pictures of Elliot--the newest grand? His other grandparents came for a visit today---but did we make even one picture---NO! Perhaps it might have something to do with the constant motion we are in? At one point today Camille and I both were in the floor changing the diapers f the two boys. There is a constant flow of playing, eating, playing, baths, playing, diaper changes, cooking, playing, washing clothes, and playing---It is the basis for the scientific theory that energy never disappears---but just keeps on keeping on.

MEANWHILE---I drug my self out of the bed this AM and went for a run. I will refrain from using the word that describes my run---let's just say that I have a lot in common with the vacuum.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


We started a new annual tradition at Christ Community today. Instead of worshipping at "church" today, we spread out all over the community and served those around us. There were more projects than I can remember, but they included painting a house of an elderly couple, a project at the Boys & Girls Club, working for Christian Community Action, working at Crisis Pregnancy Center, working at DART, visiting nursing homes, baking cookies for local fireman and policeman, sending cards to missionaries, helping total strangers, and the projects I helped organized at Cypress Springs School.

We had two projects on tap for CSE-----one of them fell apart Thursday AM---but with a QUICK change in direction----we came up with another one. The staff and students will be so surprised when they return to school in a week and see what "The Body of Christ" has done for them. It was PURE JOY working on the projects with MANY to help and all with GREAT attitudes! What a day!

Pictures to come----but I need to go to bed----EXHAUSTED after a day of good work!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Camille has taken to telling TALL tales! It seems that while she was in the back yard (I use yard VERY loosely!) with the boys, she saw a LARGE ---FLOWING LONG RED HAIRED animal sprinting across the back yard. At first she SWORE it was a LARGE fox. We kept telling her foxes do not get that big--she finally accepted our wisdom AFTER she googled it and found out foxes do not weigh more than 13 pounds. She thinks this varmint was the size of their boxer, Powers. She then changed her story and said it was a red wolf---even googled that ---but alas they have been extinct for some time. The story is getting fishier by the moment and she is getting more defensive with each telling. I asked her was she still on her medication. She didn't think that was real funny. OF COURSE---she is suffering from sleep deprivation and hormone overload.


Friday, November 19, 2010


Why is it that baby boys ALWAYS feel the need to tinkle when you take their diaper off? I MEAN ALMOST EVERYTIME! It's like their brain goes-"HEY LOOK we are unencumbered---NOW would be a great time!" More things have been sprayed around here than I care to recount!

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I know in my head that the answer to "showing up" for running is having a time to show and someone waiting for me to show. I made a date to run tomorrow-MONDAY AM. I am supposed to show. I find myself making excuses tonight about why I won't be running tomorrow. If there is a drop of rain falling from the sky---etc etc etc. It's really difficult to climb back on the horse after being off for more than 3 weeks. HEIGH OH SILVER!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


After a good night's sleep last night and a 2 hour nap today, I almost feel recovered from my time in Erie. I did not have to get up with Elliot during the night, but the curse of light sleeping follows me wherever I go. I would hear him during the night, even though I slept on the couch downstairs. Henry was an early morning riser, and as always I felt the need to finish every project before coming home.

Since arriving in LA, we are re-establishing a routine--in a new time zone. Hope to get back to my running Monday.The days are VERY busy with chasing an 18 month old and helping with Elliot. I am back to my volunteer work and busy with a HUGE project for next Sunday for church. Basically life has returned to my normal Louisiana frantic pace! OH--BUT AM I ENJOYING THE LA WEATHER! It is indeed wonderful to be back in the sun and warmth!

Friday, November 12, 2010


My BIG project while in Erie was turning Adam's "Man Shack" into Henry & Elliot's "Boys' Club'. After experiencing the dreary Erie weather for a few days, I KNEW for Camille to survive this winter with a toddler-she would need another space to entertain H. So POOR Adam lost his--medical library, den, office, fly fishing emporium, hang out space to Henry. I felt SO sorry for him-NOT!

We took everything but the desk with the computer (after all Henry can watch DVDs on it) and the tall blue book shelf out. Cleared out the middle of the room for play space. Added LOTS of primary bright colors and lighting AND WAA LAA-----A PLAY ROOM!

We started here.
This shelf was cleaned out and moved to the den.

DA DA before eviction.

I am boxing up books here

The Fly Fishing Corner

H & DaDa Putting Together Bin Shelf

Padded Alphabet Rug

Bin with toys and new table and chairs (which H colored on in the 1st 5 minutes)


Monday, November 8, 2010


My hours in Erie are drawing to a close. I made good progress today, but have a list that would choke a horse for tomorrow. I am at the point in my life---what I get done is great-what I don't will not cause any catastrophic happening. Well I may be a little stressed by the undones-but I will go home to an entire new list.

Tonight I made Southern comfort food after Camille requested it last night. Have not cooked this meal in YEARS--after we vowed to eat better. Used to be an every week staple---but no more. Fried Round Steak smothered in gravy with rice and whole kernel corn and biscuits. HEAVY! Didn't really need any dessert.

Mr. Henry did better with the time today. He was not as ill and I didn't put him to bed until 7 which is his normal bedtime. After 2 mornings of 5 AM awakenings---I could use a break tomorrow. We will see!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I tried to recount to The Jennings tonight at supper what brought about daylight savings time. We all agreed after the conversation that WHOEVER came up with the bright idea did not have a small child! Today has been a tough day for Henry which began at 5:30 AM NEW TIME. We extended his normal -body rhythm- bedtime by 30 minutes and hopefully will make the transition slowly-but surely. Then we will be in LA and in a different time zone- YOU CAN'T WIN!

I am winding down my Erie time and trying to get EVERYTHING done before leaving on a jet plane! Have a week's worth of meals in the freezer for the young family, ALMOST through with the "Big Project"---pictures coming, will have household supplies stocked and in place before leaving, clean house and all clean clothes and linens---STILL NEED TO GET IN THAT YARD. THE good news is that Erie weather was nice today and should stay nice until I leave. HOPEFULLY--I will get in that yard.

My mind then turns to what is going on at home. Will be going the day after I get home to tutor and work at my adopted school, BIG project at the school to tie up loose ends for, groceries to be bought and supplies stocked for The Jennings stay in LA, Thanksgiving to start to think about-----I need a few more hours in everyday!

Elliot is growing---I looked at pictures from his first days and compared them to him today---UNBELIEVABLE!

No more time to blog---I have miles to go before I sleep-------

Friday, November 5, 2010


I had a reminder yesterday of a feeling from LONG AGO past. The days seem to have evolved into a cycle of preparing meals, cleaning, washing, changing diapers, baths, playing with toddlers-and the cycle then begins again. All of a sudden, you can't remember what day it is and today seems like yesterday and tomorrow will be the same. A young mommie's life is like this merry go round of never ending activity. At the end of the day, when you think of what you accomplished---you lived that day and kept things going. That's not a bad thing--that's a good thing. Life becomes a series of small moments and miracles that are sometimes difficult to remember.

I have been in Erie long enough to begin to feel isolated from the world that I normally live in. It's like they have forgotten me---and I am lost in the World of Babies. I miss home. I told Camille last night---I need some outside time--hard to get in this weather. I also miss my runs-with my buds. This dreary weather does nothing to help alleviate this mood.

All this brings to mind what Camille's life will be like when she is here with the 2 and we all have gone. She is really good about intentionally keeping contact with her friends and getting out. Is that going to be possible in the dark and cold of the Erie winter? If ANYONE can do it---it will be Camille. At this current moment---it is daunting for me to even think about how she will manage---but she will! Meanwhile---I will probably keep the airways busy and the Airlines profits up traveling this not so fun trek to Erie.

I can visibly see Elliot growing. I was looking at him yesterday and thinking how much he has filled out already. He and Henry have a wonderful Mommie and Daddy---LUCKY BOYS!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


In the ultimate trial by fire, Da-Da not only leaves Momma & me with the 18 month old and the 1 week old alone-BUT we have to take them for their check up with the ped yesterday. NOW THAT WAS A FUN OUTING! To top that off H has to get 2 immunizations! DOUBLE THE FUN! Remember Camille cannot pick up H & CERTAINLY cannot carry the baby carrier with Bubba in it. SO OFF WE GO. It is QUITE the study in logistics to see how we accomplish even getting everyone into the car--BUT I don't have enough time to post ALL those steps. Once we get to the doctor----I have Henry on one hip and Elliot dangling from the other arm in his carrier. We finally get into the waiting room--having lost one blanket on the way. After a few minutes wait----the nurse comes to get us. She then stands back and just watches as I begin the trek down the hall with my weighted toddle. THANKS A LOT FOR ALL THE HELP! Then an army of 3 nurses come in and begin the measuring-recording the facts ritual. Henry is NOT HAPPY from the very first strip it off order! We are finally left alone in the room with 2 stripped babies to wait for the doctor for approximately 30 minutes. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE! Finally have our doctor visit and get home. We have been gone for a little over 2 hours---but what seems like a day! \

My day started at 5:30 to get this show on the road by 7:45. The doctor tells Camille to be careful with the baby that he does not get H's cold. WELL THAT'S DEFINITELY EASY TO DO. By the time we get home, the baby has begun sneezing and we determine has managed to get the cold by the secretions (I would use Camille's descriptions--but it's too gross for public consumption). SOMEHOW we manage to survive the day----the laundry had to wait until Henry went to bed and I am up early finishing it and blogging (LIKE I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO). There is a need to record all of this---for future reference. After all------DaDa----TO MY MIND IS BEHIND ON THE TOTE BOARD! HE WILL HAVE SOME SERIOUS CATCHING UP TO DO WHEN HE GETS HOME!

Not sure how Camille will manage all of this one on one! MANY MANY MANY other Mothers have as we have learned---BUT IT IS QUITE DAUNTING!

By the way----E had gained a pound since leaving the hospital thanks to his champion of a Mom's feeding abilities. H is up to the 50% in height and 15% in weight. We like our men lean! He had gained all the way up to 23 #---thanks to Momma Lulu's steady diet of ice cream sandwiches!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My favorite SIL left this AM for a residency interview. He had some doubts about us handling things while he was away---SO FOR HIS INFO-

Got up at 5:45 to watch Baby Bubba and started doing my deal. Washed 5 loads of clothes including stripping the master bed and washing it and the spread. Fed Henry 3 meals-though I will say he is off his feed-with his cold. Cleaned house-including vacuuming floors and couch (WHO KNEW SO MANY CHEERIOS WOULD FIT UNDER THOSE CUSHIONS!) Raked part of the backyard-have lots left to do there though. Took Henry to the park, took his Mom to vote-along with Baby Bubba riding with us, bathed Henry, got diaper bag ready for tomorrow's Dr's appt, put Henry to bed. Cooked Camille Pasta Primerva with Smoked Gouda for supper---had time for this quick blog! OH YES--got plenty of rocking in during the day also! So far we are surviving DaDa-SO DON'T WORRY. We will let you play catch up when you get home!