Thursday, November 4, 2010


In the ultimate trial by fire, Da-Da not only leaves Momma & me with the 18 month old and the 1 week old alone-BUT we have to take them for their check up with the ped yesterday. NOW THAT WAS A FUN OUTING! To top that off H has to get 2 immunizations! DOUBLE THE FUN! Remember Camille cannot pick up H & CERTAINLY cannot carry the baby carrier with Bubba in it. SO OFF WE GO. It is QUITE the study in logistics to see how we accomplish even getting everyone into the car--BUT I don't have enough time to post ALL those steps. Once we get to the doctor----I have Henry on one hip and Elliot dangling from the other arm in his carrier. We finally get into the waiting room--having lost one blanket on the way. After a few minutes wait----the nurse comes to get us. She then stands back and just watches as I begin the trek down the hall with my weighted toddle. THANKS A LOT FOR ALL THE HELP! Then an army of 3 nurses come in and begin the measuring-recording the facts ritual. Henry is NOT HAPPY from the very first strip it off order! We are finally left alone in the room with 2 stripped babies to wait for the doctor for approximately 30 minutes. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE! Finally have our doctor visit and get home. We have been gone for a little over 2 hours---but what seems like a day! \

My day started at 5:30 to get this show on the road by 7:45. The doctor tells Camille to be careful with the baby that he does not get H's cold. WELL THAT'S DEFINITELY EASY TO DO. By the time we get home, the baby has begun sneezing and we determine has managed to get the cold by the secretions (I would use Camille's descriptions--but it's too gross for public consumption). SOMEHOW we manage to survive the day----the laundry had to wait until Henry went to bed and I am up early finishing it and blogging (LIKE I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO). There is a need to record all of this---for future reference. After all------DaDa----TO MY MIND IS BEHIND ON THE TOTE BOARD! HE WILL HAVE SOME SERIOUS CATCHING UP TO DO WHEN HE GETS HOME!

Not sure how Camille will manage all of this one on one! MANY MANY MANY other Mothers have as we have learned---BUT IT IS QUITE DAUNTING!

By the way----E had gained a pound since leaving the hospital thanks to his champion of a Mom's feeding abilities. H is up to the 50% in height and 15% in weight. We like our men lean! He had gained all the way up to 23 #---thanks to Momma Lulu's steady diet of ice cream sandwiches!


Emily said...

I'm exhausted just reading that! It brings back memories of those early days adjusting to life with two & recovering from a section...very fuzzy memories due to lack of sleep. Thank goodness for wonderful grandmothers! And yes, a "simple" trip to the doctor's office can be exhausting!

The Tylers said...

Praying for the both of you!! Jake got the chicken pox from his vaccine at 12 months and we discovered this Christmas morning(after I'd had LG in his lap taking pictures!!). Luckily she did not get them and I'll be praying that baby Bubba doesn't get them either!:(

The Tylers said...

I meant: Praying that Baby Bubba doesn't get a cold:)

Lorena G. Sims said...

You are indeed a busy lady. Make sure Dada can or will catch up :-) I hope the baby doesn't get cold.