Sunday, November 7, 2010


I tried to recount to The Jennings tonight at supper what brought about daylight savings time. We all agreed after the conversation that WHOEVER came up with the bright idea did not have a small child! Today has been a tough day for Henry which began at 5:30 AM NEW TIME. We extended his normal -body rhythm- bedtime by 30 minutes and hopefully will make the transition slowly-but surely. Then we will be in LA and in a different time zone- YOU CAN'T WIN!

I am winding down my Erie time and trying to get EVERYTHING done before leaving on a jet plane! Have a week's worth of meals in the freezer for the young family, ALMOST through with the "Big Project"---pictures coming, will have household supplies stocked and in place before leaving, clean house and all clean clothes and linens---STILL NEED TO GET IN THAT YARD. THE good news is that Erie weather was nice today and should stay nice until I leave. HOPEFULLY--I will get in that yard.

My mind then turns to what is going on at home. Will be going the day after I get home to tutor and work at my adopted school, BIG project at the school to tie up loose ends for, groceries to be bought and supplies stocked for The Jennings stay in LA, Thanksgiving to start to think about-----I need a few more hours in everyday!

Elliot is growing---I looked at pictures from his first days and compared them to him today---UNBELIEVABLE!

No more time to blog---I have miles to go before I sleep-------

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Lorena G. Sims said...

You did a wonderful job down there. I bet you'll miss them when you leave. Have a good trip back home. Can't wait to see the pictures.