Friday, November 5, 2010


I had a reminder yesterday of a feeling from LONG AGO past. The days seem to have evolved into a cycle of preparing meals, cleaning, washing, changing diapers, baths, playing with toddlers-and the cycle then begins again. All of a sudden, you can't remember what day it is and today seems like yesterday and tomorrow will be the same. A young mommie's life is like this merry go round of never ending activity. At the end of the day, when you think of what you accomplished---you lived that day and kept things going. That's not a bad thing--that's a good thing. Life becomes a series of small moments and miracles that are sometimes difficult to remember.

I have been in Erie long enough to begin to feel isolated from the world that I normally live in. It's like they have forgotten me---and I am lost in the World of Babies. I miss home. I told Camille last night---I need some outside time--hard to get in this weather. I also miss my runs-with my buds. This dreary weather does nothing to help alleviate this mood.

All this brings to mind what Camille's life will be like when she is here with the 2 and we all have gone. She is really good about intentionally keeping contact with her friends and getting out. Is that going to be possible in the dark and cold of the Erie winter? If ANYONE can do it---it will be Camille. At this current moment---it is daunting for me to even think about how she will manage---but she will! Meanwhile---I will probably keep the airways busy and the Airlines profits up traveling this not so fun trek to Erie.

I can visibly see Elliot growing. I was looking at him yesterday and thinking how much he has filled out already. He and Henry have a wonderful Mommie and Daddy---LUCKY BOYS!


Ann Miller said...

those babies are lucky to have such a dedicated mama lulu!! never underestimate the power of your presence!! i know it means the world to camille!!

Gabe said...

Hang in there!

Marylou said...

You grandmas are an amazing bunch!! I know I cried big alligator tears when my mom had to leave after Tris was born :) I'm just glad that Cam gets to travel south for some more much-needed extra hands. Hang in there!!

Deb said...

Well, I for one think of you daily and am praying for those babies to get over their colds. Miss you.