Friday, July 13, 2012


Since # 1 daughter, hubby & #3 & #4 grands flew to the beach this year----I had to pick them up in my car.  (Don't really understand why they didn't want to drive the 13 hours and be stuck in Mobile traffic for over an hour)  ANYWAY---- this saga begins with me having to get my car seat out of the attic----re:Fireman to the rescue.  It was approximately 500 degrees (PIZZA OVEN) when I climbed those stairs and wrestled that not so light buddy down.

Then I had to put that car seat and another borrowed one in my car.  In case you wondered---not to fear---the entire car may be destroyed but those seats will not move an inch once you have hooked all those hooks and closed all those belts.  That only took a little over an hour---in my garage in the 100 degree heat!  WHAT FUN!

SO---I get to the beach a day before the Jennings crew and go pick them up early on Sunday.  I drive a small car---I knew when I bought it I was going to miss all those SUVs I've driven over the years---but it seemed the practical thing to do at the time.  Once you put the two cars seats in the back there is approximately 12" for someone to sit between them.   GUESS who got that privilege!  The SIL---a man---HAD to be in control and drive---the daughter--now expecting Grand #5 couldn't be asked to squeeze in---SO.  If you turn sideways-after crawling over a car seat to get in and hold your breath while squeezing in the widest part of your body ---it's sort of like pulling on those too tight jeans---you couldn't wear on your best day.  ANYWAY---I made it and 45 minutes later---they got the jack out of the trunk and pried me out.

When Grand # 5 comes---someone is going to have to be strapped to the roof!

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Emery Wilkerson said...

I did not know that you had another grand on the way! Congrats!!!! Better start shopping for a mini van! ;-)