Thursday, July 19, 2012


Before launching into today's post---I need to clarify the last post about the Brouhaha---some things are best left unsaid---and this story is one of those.  Sorry to leave you hanging---BUT on the bright side I just LOVE words like Brouhaha and Kerfuffle---they describe themselves and you don't even have to look the definitions up.  So the next time there is a kerfuffle that leads to a brouhaha---I will restrain from posting to not cause any question.  Surely you understand what I mean?

Momma had certain rules---and those rules were to be obeyed-without question.  A stickler for cleanliness----we bathed EVERY night and she inspected you after that bath.  She always said---"Clean out your ears"----I don't know about you--but I don't spend a great deal of
time looking into other people's ears-----well unless they seem to have a lot of hair growing out of them.  I always find it amazing the places hair grows prolifically---that's another day's post.  I read a book recently called "Bearded Lady"---SO FUNNY!  I DIGRESS!

SO---what was the big deal about washing out your ears with Momma?  When my children came along---I learned never put anything larger than your elbow in their ears.  Momma never saw a Q-tip that was not meant to be rammed down your ear.  AND those washcloths that she would wrap around the point of her finger !  SO I am happy to report I had the cleanest  ears in my class---I guess---I don't really know since I never looked in anyone Else's ears.  WHAT WAS THE BIG DEAL---I don't know---she is gone---but it was a BIG DEAL!  I probably have permanent damage or wax deficiency brought on by excessive cleaning.  God would not have put that wax in there if it wasn't good for us!  But Momma golden rule was
"A clean body means a clean ear" or something like that!

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