Friday, August 19, 2011


Friend, Sheila, was kind enough to loan me a shot gun for my dillo hunting. It's a 107 or 138 or some number like that. I can't ever keep all of that straight and what's with the numbering anyway? I think it has something to do with the bigger the number the bigger the hole. ANYWAY----that silly dillo has not had the guts to show up again. I think they must be reading my blog and KNOW when I am on the warpath!

NOW I thought Sheila was my friend---but she sent an email today and asked---"What or Who have you shot with the shotgun?" Now really----I've only shot the house once and as far as I know I've not hit any "Who's" yet---though the thought might have crossed my mind to take a little target practice or better yet---see just what's in this thing they call "Drive By Shooting".

I don't know about you, but if I get angry enough to shoot someone---I want them to see my face and my gun---and KNOW what's coming. WHOOOPS--REALLY I am not murderous---well except for the dillos.

SO SORRY---I am off on another rabbit trail AGAIN---LOTS ON MY MIND! AS I WAS TRYING TO SAY---Sweet #2 is here to help his Momma and see his Pappaw for a few days. I am glad he is here and it is good to have someone in the house with me again.

After a LONG DAY of serving "Back To School Lunch" to my sweet friends at Cypress Springs Elementary and then flying to work, I came home and put my feet up and had a nice visit with him. It is REALLY nice to have someone to discuss your day with. Then "Cousin Goose" came over and we had a funny discussion about Niece Brooke's party she is having Saturday night. That will be another post---it is really funny!"

So after a little supper, Gabe and I head to the paint store to get our supplies for painting my new abode---WHICH I CLOSE ON TOMORROW! WOW! This time has FLOWN! We buy the paint--and we head home----and OH YEAH--we are in the 20 year old "Yard Truck" and OF COURSE--Gabe is driving. You know those men like to feel manly which means they want to be in control in a vehicle.

So ANYWAY---he is concerned about turning over the paint in the back of the truck--or some of our stuff flying out--so he is going very slow and being very careful. We get to the street in front of the Vienna abode and all of a sudden a creature---he's gray---he has a long tail---he has 4 short legs--starts running out of my woods. I YELL'''STOMP IT GABE-----HIT HIM!----GET HIM! DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY!!!!!" Well of course his first response is to immediately obey his Momma and he does stomp it. Then he starts laughing and says "I can't wait to tell my friends about you insisting that I GET HIM!" He said the critter might have been dead, but we would have had brown and green paint strewn all over the truck and road. What's more important a little spilled paint or a dead dillo? DUHHHH!

Well it turns out the critter was a possum ( OR opossum as my correct English friend Joanna said). I did tell her that we do not have any O possums here---only possums! Anyway---I don't have any quarrel with the possum--well not since he snarled at me when I was a kid trying to take the garbage out. (HUMMM Have I told you that story?) So he got away--but something tells me Gabe will embellish and have a good time telling his friends "Who's his momma"!


louisianagal said... it! Now, y'all be careful, ya hear!

Gabe said...

Critters beware...