Monday, August 15, 2011


I have had a line of 'professionals" parading in and out of my Vienna home. Inspectors, appraisers, electricians, plumbers, septic pumpers, and on and on. I am beginning to feel as exposed as if my underwear was hanging on the clothes line in the front yard on a major highway. There for all to see---EXPOSED! Sidenote--to the 3 young readers I have---we actually used to NOT have clothes dryers in the "good old days". After putting our clothes through the wringer washer-another story---we had to hang them on the "Clothes line" to dry---LORDAMERCY! I diverge AGAIN!

These guys have floated in and out of my house and looked at my things---AND WELL are beginning to know me a little TOO WELL! I am beginning to feel as exposed as a sunbather on the beach in the South of France.

The pits---literally---came when the septic system had to be replaced. The JOY of living in the country! First they dug up the old septic tank----the metal tank's top had rusted out---there it was for all the world to see---our waste--exposed to all!

They brought this truck in that looks a lot like a small milk truck---but the tank DOES NOT contain milk! They pump out your septic tank and fill that small tank truck with it. WARNING DIRE WARNING DO NOT BROAD SIDE ONE OF THESE SMALL TANKERS WITH YOUR CAR------MAJOR YUCK!!!!

When those men had me come out and looked at the septic tank---I literally was "running off at the mouth"! I told them that I came from a LONG LINE of up tight constipated people---just LOOK at my pruned up face! I then told them I was SURE the culprit was bc---after all he was FULL of ---never mind!


louisianagal said...

Hey, I can remember my great-grandmother washing clothes in the wringer washer and hanging the clothes on the 'clothes line' to dry. I wouldn't mind going back to that period of time sometimes. Life was so much simpler then, we just didn't know it.

Sorry you have to deal with all the 'poop' in your yard. Just another chapter in your life. If anyone can handle this little hiccup like a trooper, it's you! Love ya.

Anne said...

I do remember how wringer washer and put rubber diapers through that wringer diapers and explodes and I ruined a couple of shirts
Did you ever get anything caught in a wringer?or ruined a couple of shirts?
an article of the wash may
wrap several times around a roller before it is noticed; unwinding such a
piece is often difficult, sometimes impossible without removing a roller.

Hannah Lee said...

YOU ARE SO FUNNY! Loved this post!