Monday, November 30, 2009


BC & I went to Aspen, CO for Thanksgiving this year. I believe this is one of only two Thanksgivings that we have not spent with family and friends and COOKED the traditional meals. It was a wonderful trip and Aspen is a beautiful village. Below are a few pics from the trip.

Bridge over Rio Grande River in downtown Aspen
The John Denver Memorial
Sopris Mountain

The Only Pass We Could Find Open-Note the Gate That Will Soon Be Closed

The Largest Living Organism in North America-A HUGE Grove Of Aspen Trees

Another View Of The Gate

We Found Vineyards & Winerys-SADLY They Were Not Open!

The last day we took a 300 mile drive and drove through much of North East Colorado. The change in the terrain is remarkable! A GREAT TRIP!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


If you can help me understand this, I will be eternally grateful. Whenever we go on a "Road Trip", BC seems to always play some sort of "Car Game". Many times the game involves-just how many miles is the trip. Since we make MANY of the same trips to see kids/grands, etc. after a while once the mileage is the SAME EVERY TIME-this game gets old. We are creatures of habit and seem to follow the same "Pig Trails". Other times the game involves how much time it takes to make the trip. After finding there is usually not much variation, this game also has gotten old.
Today while returning from DFW Airport (Story of Trip To Come), I discovered after about 50 miles, BC had a "New Game". This game involved just how high could he get the MPG while still maintaining the speed limit. He announced that the MPG was going up steadily after about an hour and the game continued the entire trip home. He sets the "Cruise Control" and works at maintaining a steady speed. The MPG does begin to slowly climb.
Perhaps the game had gone a bit far when he started asking me to lean forward when we were headed down hills. Being the compliant spouse that I am, I was more than willing to go along. The next request was to lift myself off the seat while climbing hills---a little far fetched----but OK. I drew the line though when he wanted me to put my window down and stick an oar out and row!
Seriously--he became obsessed with getting that MPG up. If I needed to stop for a diet DP OR HEAVEN FORBID a REST STOP, I WAS OUT OF LUCK! You do know that all of the slowing down and stopping is a serious drag on the MPG. By the time we arrived in Shreveport- he had the MPG to his desired 31--as shown above. HURRAY!!!
We stop for a meal, and then I get in the Driver's Seat. OLD LEAD FOOT!!!!! Once we get out of the traffic and he can relax since I have not wrecked his car--he falls asleep. I set the cruise control KNOWING I would NEVER hear the end of it if I seriously impacted his "Goal MPG". Since we had to drive -stop and go -while in Shreveport, the mileage was down to 30.8. I settle in and become determined to get it back to 31. LOW AND BEHOLD-----I do just that. Then I get this BRILLIANT idea and get behind a 18 wheeler so that he will decrease the wind friction on the front of the car. In other words, I start drafting.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have had some discussion lately about love with BC and my friends. It is my contention that love is a decision you make-EVERYDAY-when you get out of the bed. Read the Scriptures---how does Jesus show love? BY HIS ACTIONS! I make a conscious decision everyday to love my family and my friends and THE ONLY way they will realize and know my love is by my actions toward them. Love then is a verb.

If you believe that love is an emotion-----OR a noun, it is then just a feeling. It just happens. Perhaps in the early stages this is true-but in my small mind the days of being only a noun are limited.

Love then is a long term commitment after you make the decision to love someone. Be it family or friend---the visible signs of your love is how you think of and then treat the other. I loved the wild over the top thrill of the emotion of love, but the reality is that is difficult to sustain. The day to dayness of life can often -get in the way- of infatuation. The deep warmth that a long term relationship built upon serving can also be a thrilling and heart sustaining thing. The beauty of the commitment of serving between any two for year upon year is one of the most wonderful things I have ever witnessed. To see a couple-in the twilight of their years hand in hand can bring tears to my eyes.

When talking this over recently with friends, the women thought I was correct, but BC laughed and said this, "Life is tough and then you die." What say ye----is love a noun or a verb in your life?

Saturday, November 21, 2009


OK-now practice this-----NO NO NO NO NO

If I EVER had a mind----I am pretty sure I have lost it! Somehow I have agreed to another marathon. I have to back up and think about just HOW this happened.

In an effort to get my weekly long run mileage up, I agreed to the White Rock Half Marathon in December. When you are faced with a 13.1 mile run, you have run out of excuses and the mileage HAS to begin to increase. This would have allowed me to get my base up and stay at the 10 mile weekly run after White Rock. Believe me when I say, you do not go out and run a half marathon without some preparation. So-----I thought good friends Dallas at Christmas wonderful Dallas cuisine-----I'M IN!

The next thing I knew while just getting my mileage back to 10 is that Sonja asks me to consider a Spring marathon. I am thinking LATE Spring and that would give me PLENTY of time to train. I agree.

I then get a text that Sonja has another Grand on the way-this summer AND she needs to do a marathon sooner. OK-SO MAYBE APRIL. The problem is that we are looking for a FLAT marathon---MOST IMPORTANT! UNFORTUNATELY THERE ARE NOT A LOT OF FLAT MARATHONS OUT THERE!

I then get a text while out of town-that GOD is leading her to the Albany, GA marathon on the first Saturday in MARCH. GOOD GRIEF-do you know how soon that is? We usually train for 18 weeks-that can't happen in this time frame. I ALWAYS increase my long runs a mile at a time---NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! SO---HOW DO YOU ARGUE WITH WHAT GOD WANTS?????? We finally left it that I would begin the training and SEE how it went.

Since I had been out of town for the weekend-this past Monday I had to run 11 miles to make up the Saturday long run. NO TIME TO DELAY! The first few miles were in the misting rain-----the last 3 miles were in the POURING rain. I know all those cars on their way to work thought-WHO IS THAT NUT? Wednesday we did speed work----now that is a New form of torture that we should try on our political prisoners-----perhaps even a few of our representative and senators. TODAY I had to jump 2 MILES to 13 miles. I finished but as with every long run and step on in mileage-when I finished I had NOTHING left in the tank.


Friday, November 20, 2009


I am not much of a shopper, but like to go and look----just not very good at buying. I invited Friend, Helen to run over to Monroe today-specifically to pick up a ham-but then with a little light shopping in mind.

ONCE AGAIN-I go shopping with someone else and spend the day finding things for them to buy. I was ONCE AGAIN successful at spending someone else's money. Helen even bought me lunch!

I will admit that she talked me into a jacket------TOO BAD they didn't have the slacks in my size. Hopefully the jacket will not end up sitting in my closet and never worn-since I am NEVER happy with the slacks I have.

While I am on the subject-what is it about BLACK that keeps pulling my eye? I have a closet FULL of black clothes. You would think I was in the Old South and in the required year of mourning! As Scarlett would say, "OH FIDDLY DEE!" I really look better in color!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


BC & I took our "College Adopted Students" to dinner tonight. We were celebrating Gracie's graduation from Tech this weekend. She will be receiving her degree in Civil Engineering--QUITE THE ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Grace came into our lives four years ago. She was attending our church and signed up to be "Adopted" by a local church family. Gracie was from Nairobi, Kenya and came to LA Tech for the excellent engineering program. She has been a delight in our lives. I originally adopted two students for a selfish reason. I was in hopes that someone would treat my daughter the same while she was so far from home. God turned my selfishness into a Blessing! We have loved both of our "Adoptees". Gracie's life was always full of drama-quite a change for a No-Drama person. Meriedth was just the opposite-perhaps even my soul mate-quiet-task oriented-responsible--a lot like me.

We are saddened to see Gracie move, but rejoicing for her accomplishments. She has supported herself while here and has not been home and seen her parents in five years. Through hard work, scholarships, and determination she has accomplished her goal. All she needs now is a job in her chosen field. It has proven to not be a good time to be entering the work force, but I feel certain that when given a face to face interview-she will sell herself.

I told Gracie that there are those that would think we were like two ships on a vast ocean that just happened to pass. I chose to believe that God directed our paths to cross and I am thankful. Our lives have been blessed by her friendship and I will always remember her fondly and with a little laugh. We left her with a hug and a promise to stay in touch. I am always amazed at those that God places in our lives and thankful for the blessing of their impact on our lives. Gracie will leave a void in my life, but as with any vacuum I am looking for something to fill it and anticipating God's intervention with another to love.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We went to Austin this past weekend to see our offspring and grands. While there BC grabbed the camera and #2 took him to one of the high points above Lake Travis for a sunset picture. If you look closesly in the first picture, you will see the lake in the right mid picture. Living on Lake Austin in the hill country surrounding Austin, the view is quite spectular and BC did a good job of capturing it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


#1 Son is quite talented! His latest endeavor is "Green Chairs". For all of you that don't "Get It", green chairs are chairs that are totally made from recycled materials. These chairs were made from the lumber that he and #2 salvaged while tearing down the trailer on the lots they are building on. I was most impressed. Even after hearing about them while having a telephone conversation, I was still AMAZED at how great they are. On the contemporary side, these chairs should appeal to anyone with clean lines and the added bonus of "Saving the Planet". WHERE HE GOT THIS TALENT I don't have a clue. I was placed in remedial coloring in the first grade and the artistic side NEVER got any better from that point on.

The Throne -Made for Caroline's Anniversary Present
He will add a seat cushion to this high back
Plain and simple lines

One of my favorite two-could be because it fit me so well

Probably #1 in my book-it has notches that conform to your rear-VERY COMFORTABLE!

Monday, November 16, 2009


There seems to be some question among the few "Faithful Readers" about where the blog went. I was asked did I quit paying the bill. NOW THAT IS FUNNY! I must say that I probably should pay them to allow me to post my ramblings.

I am thinking and mainly praying about the continuation of the blog. Will post as God inspires me. I am on a quest to know Him better and deepen my relationship with Him. One of the signs that He is pleased is that EVERY book I have picked up to read lately has been on that very subject------5 books so far. I have learned a tremendous amount about Him in the past months----but know that is only the tip of WHO HE IS!! He was correct in calling Himself-"I Am" There is no better description.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Our church has adopted one of the local schools as one of our local "Missions". This school has primarily children from lower socio-economic families and there is little parental support. One of the ways we support the school is by encouraging the staff. We send treats once a month to show our encouragement. Our small group signed up to provide the November treats.

We came up with the idea of "Break in a Box". We assembled these little picnic boxes and filled them with various treats, a bottle of water, and a scripture. We all had a great time putting them together and I look forward to delivering the "Goodies" tomorrow. What a blessing to work together to bless those God puts in our paths!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


OH, the things we are required to suffer-JUST BECAUSE we are over 50! I went for one of those "FUN" medical tests today. Sweet Friend, Helen, did the driving honors since they drug you up before they steal your dignity! The test was fine and I am cleared for another 5 years. COULD I JUST TELL YOU HOW FAST 5 YEARS CAN FLY BY! You get this little yellow card in the mail announcing-"HEY-Come on over and let's see what's going on inside!-It's been 5 YEARS since we saw your smiling ---! The only comment I really have to make about the test is that it appears my kids are right-I am a LITTLE UP TIGHT!

As I was saying they give you this wonderful amnesia causing drug ---after all WHO would want to remember this--before the test. It seems that it takes a while for the drug to wear off. I think I have a faint dream like memory of having lunch with Helen and her son, Mark and then shopping at Target. Don't have a CLUE what I bought but there is a sack in there-so I assume I did indeed shop. Perhaps the retailers of the world should give everyone a little "shot" of this joy juice when we hit their store doors. GUILT FREE UNRESTRAINED SHOPPING!

Anyway, Helen said I had a really great time and seemed perfectly normal. HMMMM that makes me wonder-just what is my normal!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I seem to have visited Erie at the PERFECT time for the Fall Foliage Show! The leaves were beautiful. Perhaps God allows this beautiful show to soften the blow of the BRUTAL winter around the corner. I was blessed to see sights such as this every where I went during the week. I will not comment-Just Enjoy!