Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have had some discussion lately about love with BC and my friends. It is my contention that love is a decision you make-EVERYDAY-when you get out of the bed. Read the Scriptures---how does Jesus show love? BY HIS ACTIONS! I make a conscious decision everyday to love my family and my friends and THE ONLY way they will realize and know my love is by my actions toward them. Love then is a verb.

If you believe that love is an emotion-----OR a noun, it is then just a feeling. It just happens. Perhaps in the early stages this is true-but in my small mind the days of being only a noun are limited.

Love then is a long term commitment after you make the decision to love someone. Be it family or friend---the visible signs of your love is how you think of and then treat the other. I loved the wild over the top thrill of the emotion of love, but the reality is that is difficult to sustain. The day to dayness of life can often -get in the way- of infatuation. The deep warmth that a long term relationship built upon serving can also be a thrilling and heart sustaining thing. The beauty of the commitment of serving between any two for year upon year is one of the most wonderful things I have ever witnessed. To see a couple-in the twilight of their years hand in hand can bring tears to my eyes.

When talking this over recently with friends, the women thought I was correct, but BC laughed and said this, "Life is tough and then you die." What say ye----is love a noun or a verb in your life?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Lora it is a committment and obedience to Christ. It is proof we belong to Him. You don't always have warm fuzzy feelings and never get mad at each other but the committment is still there. Like with your children. I think of the 49 years Dale and I had together and the last 2 were pretty rough but I would not trade a day of 49 years and wish I had them to live again. God is faithful with his love thru the thick and the thin of life and He asks the same of us. Yes we will die but now we are alive and are to follow His example- Love one another as I have loved you. People who treat life and people like disposable commodities are those with out hope of heaven.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

I show my love to chocolate by eating it. Otherwise, chocolate wouldn't know that I really love it. I show it my love through my actions.

Anonymous said...

Love is definitely a decision/action/commitment. In my experience, chasing a feeling or emotion (i.e. butterflies in your stomach feeling) only leads to disappointment because it never lasts.

Erika said...

I completely agree...and thanks for being God's voice in my current situation! As I live with my roommate and team I realize more and more, that it's a decision b/c the emotions is not always there.