Sunday, November 29, 2009


If you can help me understand this, I will be eternally grateful. Whenever we go on a "Road Trip", BC seems to always play some sort of "Car Game". Many times the game involves-just how many miles is the trip. Since we make MANY of the same trips to see kids/grands, etc. after a while once the mileage is the SAME EVERY TIME-this game gets old. We are creatures of habit and seem to follow the same "Pig Trails". Other times the game involves how much time it takes to make the trip. After finding there is usually not much variation, this game also has gotten old.
Today while returning from DFW Airport (Story of Trip To Come), I discovered after about 50 miles, BC had a "New Game". This game involved just how high could he get the MPG while still maintaining the speed limit. He announced that the MPG was going up steadily after about an hour and the game continued the entire trip home. He sets the "Cruise Control" and works at maintaining a steady speed. The MPG does begin to slowly climb.
Perhaps the game had gone a bit far when he started asking me to lean forward when we were headed down hills. Being the compliant spouse that I am, I was more than willing to go along. The next request was to lift myself off the seat while climbing hills---a little far fetched----but OK. I drew the line though when he wanted me to put my window down and stick an oar out and row!
Seriously--he became obsessed with getting that MPG up. If I needed to stop for a diet DP OR HEAVEN FORBID a REST STOP, I WAS OUT OF LUCK! You do know that all of the slowing down and stopping is a serious drag on the MPG. By the time we arrived in Shreveport- he had the MPG to his desired 31--as shown above. HURRAY!!!
We stop for a meal, and then I get in the Driver's Seat. OLD LEAD FOOT!!!!! Once we get out of the traffic and he can relax since I have not wrecked his car--he falls asleep. I set the cruise control KNOWING I would NEVER hear the end of it if I seriously impacted his "Goal MPG". Since we had to drive -stop and go -while in Shreveport, the mileage was down to 30.8. I settle in and become determined to get it back to 31. LOW AND BEHOLD-----I do just that. Then I get this BRILLIANT idea and get behind a 18 wheeler so that he will decrease the wind friction on the front of the car. In other words, I start drafting.


Anonymous said...

You have to explaine why it makes a difference then I can see the purpose.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

fun game! y'all sure know how to let your hair down

Miranda said...

That is absolutely hilarious! And sounds like a lot of fun!!

Ann Miller said...

bc used to play a game when we carpooled for school. he would not completely stop from vienna to school. luckily, the statute of limitations prevents any repercusions (sp?). he would come close for stop signs and closer for red lights, but the goal was to not stop all the way. it really was fun...guess you had to be there!!

Anonymous said...

You know how to draft now!!!! Sign you up for the next NASCAR RACE!!!!!!!!!


Deb said...

good thinking! We will use this on the way to PA next summer.