Friday, June 29, 2012


I didn't have a cat on the tree----BUT---I did have a problem that I could not solve!  I need the strength of a man---and there was NO man to be found.  WHAT TO DO???  I texted my trusty fireman---lawnmower extra-ordinare.  I asked---"Are you being a fireman today?"  He replies yes---but what's up.  I explained my dilemma---and he takes pity on me and comes to save the day.

Only problem is--he had to go back to work---after pulling the attic door down (LONG STORY)---but I had to get the car seat down and install 2 of the little suckers by myself.  THAT WAS SO FUN IN THE 100 DEGREE HEAT!  Thought I would flip out before I got that chore done!


Thursday, June 28, 2012


Read an article today on 6 signs of stress over-load---

1. Vomiting----I NEVER suffer from this---have been known to stay up MANY hours of the night with a burning--no VOLCANIC stomach---but very seldom loose my cookies!

2. Hair Loss----they make something you rub on your head that helps with this----WELL EXCEPT for the times that I have been known to PULL MY HAIR OUT!

3. Nose Bleeds---my nose actually NEVER bleeds---well except for the occasional raw sinus bleed---which leads me to--

4. Weakened Immune System----does this have anything to do with the constant sinus battle I am fighting OR the latest Summer Cold I have managed to catch---CANNOT blame the grands this time---have no clue where it came from.  Somehow EVERY time I see the baby grands, I come home sick--NEVER blame those little Petri Dishes though!

5.  Memory Loss-------

What was I writing about?

6.  Excess sweating-----come run with me----I'll SHOW you excess!

SO GLAD to know---I am in the majority ----STRESSED! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012



I am growing my VERY FIRST Herb & Vegetable Gardens.  I had raised beds built when I did some landscaping in the back yard.  In the herb garden---I have 2 types of basil, oregano, two types of mint, lemon balm, cilantro, thyme---to mention just those I can think of.  I have used the
oregano when making spaghetti--just yesterday.  I am REALLY looking forward to making homemade pesto!  The herbs require NO maintenance-beyond an occasional weed pulling.

I under-estimated the space requirement of the squash and tomatoes in the vegetable side.  Live and learn---there are 3 types of peppers, squash & 3 types of tomatoes.  I have an baby pepper already on the vine and everything else has bloomed SO veggies are coming.

LOVE watching them grow!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Life is full of twists and turns----I often say now "It is what it is"---but though today may be different---

the past is full of memories---that cannot be denied or left behind

Good Memories---Sweet Memories

that FAR out-shadow---the reality of today.

For that I am thankful and blessed!

Sunday, June 24, 2012


I just finished a book based in Ireland.  My heart strings were pulled by the memories of a wonderful trip to the Fair Isle--11 years ago.  I cannot describe the beauty----the serenity---the hundreds of year of history--the breath taking romance of this wee little isle.  The music that was born there and has endured the ages---tells the story far better than I ever could.  I left a piece of my heart on the island, but carry the wonderful memories in the space that was left----

Friday, June 22, 2012


Open your mind and draw this picture---

I am walking to the mail box----it must be the total of 50-60 feet from the front of my door---there is a crazed bird diving for my head---making multiple passes with the rush of his wings passing so close to the crown of my head that I am sure I have been indeed crowned with a nest of his feathers.  As he screams at me with each pass---I am frantically waving my hands over my head and ducking under the cover of my arms trying to protect myself.  The "Bird From Hell" has a nest either in my front flower bed or the flower bed by the mail box---and he / she is NOT happy that I am in MY front yard.  

This hasn't happened once---this happens EVERY time I go out in the front yard and even happened once in the back yard.  I have done a thorough search of the "Welcome to Ruston" signs on the edges of town and have found NOTHING that indicates "Bird Sanctuary"---I am sure it is written in the town's official codes and regulations---but they did not issue me a copy when I moved into the city limits----

SO---BIRD FROM HELL-----BEWARE----YOU are on the ragged edge of my temper---AND I now KNOW that  shotguns prove to be very effective--even if your hand - eye co-ordination is not good.  Your little family may are in danger of being raised by a single parent-----unless you STOP harassing the land owner!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


There are days is just seems like your feet are glued to the ground and it is just SO hard
to get a jump start and get going.  The good thing is that once you finally manage to get that
first bounce----it gets easier with each successive jump!

Monday, June 18, 2012


#1 Grand is turning 12 Wednesday and we celebrated this past weekend in Austin.  Camille & #3 came for the fun.  It was a wonderful weekend!  To say the least----Henry adores his cousins---follows their every step.  Swimming in the lake---jumping on the trampoline, playing at the playground and lots of golf cart rides.  Caleb's favorite Lulu foods----2 kinds of BD cake----WHAT MORE could you ask?

Sunday, June 17, 2012


The European Economy has had a sudden drastic upturn after suffering through THE DUMPS for the past several years.  Economist have traced the upturn to a group of North Louisiana Belles that are on a whirlwind tour of the continent.  Pledging to leave NO sight-unseen---the group are sprinkling US dollars liberally over each country as they sprint across all known and probably some unknown "Tourist Musts".

While Europe is relishing in the needed "Upturn"--the US economy may be falling into despair since the group has pledged to come home----ONLY---after they have thoroughly carpeted the entire continent with a thick coating of Uncle Sam's Monetary Notes!

Italian and French with a Southern Drawl---could lead to a new European dialect---and at a minimum LOTS of raised brows!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Old picture---sorry---

You KNOW your grands are growing up when the two oldest ASK to go to the grocery store with you and your evening of fun is perusing the ice cream aisle and picking out an exotic flavor for dessert!  One picked cheese cake/chocolate-combo  and the other brownie/chocolate/more chocolate.  Their mother tries to keep the sweets to a minimum that all falls apart when Lulu comes to town.

Monday, June 11, 2012


I have decided we come into the world manipulating others to get what we want!

Henry quickly decided he wanted Lulu to put him to bed every night while I was there---I DON'T think his Mom & Dad are quite the sucker that I am---

Read me a story----OK, we will read 3 books--After the third---we have the LONG discussion about why I am not going to read another book.  And then-----STAY with me until I go to sleep---the first night I went to sleep first---LONG DAY---LONG DRIVE---TIRED!  I had the two boys while their Dad was working and Mom was with friends----HOW DOES SHE MANAGE TO GET THEM TO BED ALONE?  Somehow--God's Grace---I did it.

We need water.


We need to talk about everything under the sun---talks as much as his mother did at that age---NEVER STOPS!

He does every acrobatic move I have ever seen in my life---flops around like a fish on the bank of the pond---and FINALLY goes to sleep.

The second night after stories-----water------flopping---he informs me He DOES NOT want me in his bed--that he sleeps by himself----OK-I GET IT!

The last night---repeat the scenario---lots of flopping---cover rearranging-- questions-----and FINALLY I out last him and he drifts off.

If you have to be manipulated----this is a GOOD kind!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


H occasionally has to be disciplined------His Mom takes him into the other room and administers a little positive reinforcement.  While visiting in TX----here are a couple of excerpts from conversations with H

"Discipline me 'gentle', Mommie"

When Brother E made the mistake of giving H a love tap (Really did not hit him hard)---He immediately yelled "DISCIPLINE, BROTHER, MOMMIE-----DISCIPLINE, BROTHER!!!!"

Reminds me of myself----"Discipline me gently, Lord----GENTLY--I'm not really THAT bad!"


There are no degrees of sin---sin is sin---AND I AM a sinner!

OUT of the mouth of babes!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


If I knew what I was doing wrong---I wouldn't be doing it!

In TX since Thursday---swimming---playing---stories---swinging---walks---cleaning house---cooking---McDonald's breakfast---working in yard----going to Memaw-Dude's WONDERFUL house---MORE swimming--playing---STEAK!

I could get used to this!

Monday, June 4, 2012


Here's "MY FAVORITE" Son in Law receiving his resident of the year award .

Here's his BEST accomplishment---somehow talking my PERFECT daughter into marrying him.

Hopefully this will NOT go to his head!  He already is a little condescending about my medical advice.  He's even been known to snicker AND roll his eyes when I am expounding on my VAST store of "Folk Remedies"---Trial By Fire---and acquired knowledge by watching ALL the medical reality shows.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIM????

Saturday, June 2, 2012


I have begun transforming my small back yard into a garden respite----it will take time---lots of time.  It is not unlike a painting---there is layer upon layer of paint that goes into a painting.  I have just put the base coat down.  My goal---Mama James'es garden---which had no rhyme or reason--but was glorious!  The "Lady of the Garden" that you see at right---and is in the center of the painting--I have named "Mercy".  SO appropriate---God has shown me GREAT MERCY!