Friday, June 22, 2012


Open your mind and draw this picture---

I am walking to the mail box----it must be the total of 50-60 feet from the front of my door---there is a crazed bird diving for my head---making multiple passes with the rush of his wings passing so close to the crown of my head that I am sure I have been indeed crowned with a nest of his feathers.  As he screams at me with each pass---I am frantically waving my hands over my head and ducking under the cover of my arms trying to protect myself.  The "Bird From Hell" has a nest either in my front flower bed or the flower bed by the mail box---and he / she is NOT happy that I am in MY front yard.  

This hasn't happened once---this happens EVERY time I go out in the front yard and even happened once in the back yard.  I have done a thorough search of the "Welcome to Ruston" signs on the edges of town and have found NOTHING that indicates "Bird Sanctuary"---I am sure it is written in the town's official codes and regulations---but they did not issue me a copy when I moved into the city limits----

SO---BIRD FROM HELL-----BEWARE----YOU are on the ragged edge of my temper---AND I now KNOW that  shotguns prove to be very effective--even if your hand - eye co-ordination is not good.  Your little family may are in danger of being raised by a single parent-----unless you STOP harassing the land owner!

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Anonymous said...

I have two hawks in my yard who must have a nest nearby since I see them EVERY SINGLE DAY! They are very elegant to watch and have not bothered me yet, but I do notice that the squirrel population in my yard has decreased significantly! If they take my kitty kat, Bitsy, however, I will be calling on you and your shotgun!

Susan Black