Sunday, October 7, 2012


God created us all different--like the stars in the sky that the 3 year old class and I talked about this morning.  The sky is full of them---more than you could EVER count---and guess what --each one is created different---unique and special.  

One of the things which satisfies us all deeply is discovering our gifts--and then using them to fulfill our purpose.  I have more gifts than just bossiness or leadership as I like to soften it----one of the gifts that fills me with great happiness and peace is serving.  I LOVE people--love to know them--listen to them--talk with them--serve them---  

One of the problems with being a CPA is that I am very aware of how much money it takes to retire---what an extended--long life of retirement can cost and how inflation can eat into our reserves.  I am careful --cautious with my spending.  I don't really enjoy shopping--funny because I do enjoy wearing cute clothes--but just don't like the chore of looking for them.  It doesn't give me any satisfaction.  

I love to travel---have seen some glorious sights--but you cannot travel all the time---it takes a lot of money.  After a week--two at the most---I am ready to see my family and friends again.

Bottom line---I am created to be in relationships---NOTHING is more important.  A relationship with my Father---with my family--with my friends---at the end of the day that is all that truly matters.  I don't feel deprived--nor lacking--nor in want---I love them all.  I have NEVER been to a funeral where the deceased was extolled for their travels, self fulfillment, or worldly success.

SO--I am taking a brave new step---I am moving to be closer to my family---I will not be so far that I can't see my friends--AND they can come see me.  I am at peace with this move and look forward to seeing how God works in all the details.  I understand that some are created different--and different is not wrong--it is what makes the world an interesting place to live---Different is just that different.  So if you are called to travel--search for what makes you happy---move from place to place---GO FOR IT---it's just not me.

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