Saturday, October 6, 2012


I've had many comments on facebook about my move to Fort Worth--most are very supportive and think it is a good idea.  

And--then---there was the comment about having a home in two places at once.  Go West and rent an apartment---travel between the two towns--see if I like it.  Sounded like a wonderful plan--but the expense of two households is not particularly financially wise.

Among the reasons I will move is knowing that there will come a day when I will need some help---unless some fool runs over me and I become a grease spot on the road.  LET ME DIGRESS FOR A MOMENT----on our long run this AM---I am wearing a vest with strobe lights that you couldn't miss from a mile down the road.  STILL with NO traffic and 4 lanes that provide plenty of room to move to---SOME are inclined to not only NOT move over one inch-but actually move toward you.  I am going to look into the legality of wearing a holster with a 6 shooter on my runs----I might feel the need to occasionally take it out and wave it around---just saying --You can't be TOO CAREFUL!

OK--sorry for the rant---still fresh on my mind--after this morning's 8 mile jaunt!

ANYWAY---as I was saying--I am moving knowing that the day will come when my children may need to make decisions about my care--or I may need some help.  HOPE NOT--would love to go like my grandmother--a stroke raking the yard--but we have no guarantees.  I would like to be able to make new (but keep the old) friends and get established in the area.  Find a church, find volunteer work to do, and find a group to run/ride/exercise with.  I am still in good physical condition---so now is the time.  

I had another comment that new beginnings were overrated and I should go visit my children for a few weeks/months and then travel to Europe and pamper myself.  Not sure what planet the one that made that comment lives on--but the planet I live on does not allow extravagant spending--  AND my children would be ready to put me away if they had me in their houses for extensive visits--frankly I can be a bit much---Those that are not driven--don't really appreciate us that are.

SO---it's daunting---I am just beginning to do all the research---but I am moving.  


Anonymous said...

well you can do it that way, worry about what your kids think or do or you could do a little of what you want to do and that might just include Europe and bopping around kinda enjoying yourself. I op for the later. Cheers..

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would agree with A, that we parents spend way to much time giving a flying flip about what our kids think or what money we are spending, or anything but what might please us for a change. I would try it for a year, spend a little money, waste a little money you can certainly afford it and it might just be the eye opener you need to get yourself moving. And while on the general subject, how are you going to ever find a companion here. Very limited pickings. Try it you might like it.

Emery Wilkerson said...

Oh my! Where have I been?! I am just reading that you are MOVING! I've been way behind reading blogs & not sure how I missed it on your facebook! I'm going backwards to catch up. I definitely want to follow you with your new blog, so I'll be on the look out! From a daughter's perspective, nothing like having your parents close by! :-)